Elegant Portable Metal Shower Enema


Getting bumfucked is one of the most pleasurable kinds of intimacy. Why not? The bum is a treasure trove of nerve endings, making it a pleasure zone. But what spoils the fun of anal intercourse is…an accidental evacuation. Don’t get caught in this situation because chances are, you won’t be getting another ass penetration.

Get thorough rectal douche from our Elegant Portable Metal Shower Enema to make your butt clean and ready for anal intercourse. This product is offered in five variants offering the same design and size of a shower enema. Would you like to get a set that includes a wall mount holder, or one with a stainless hose, plus a shower arm diverter? Perhaps you want to get a set that goes with a coiled hose that could be stretched up to 78.74 inches? All these parts are durable and are very easy to mount and assemble.

Let’s have a closer look at the shower enema itself. It’s made of premium metal for durability and safety of the user. The handle features bionic groove for a better grip, while the ball-shaped nozzle offers a wide spray pattern that covers a wide area and promises a thorough cleaning. The smooth insertable pipe can go deep without causing any discomfort in your anal canal. Just above the handle is a valve for you to easily control the water pressure.

Celebrating your anniversary with your honey in a hotel? Take this shower enema with you and hook it up to a shower hose. Being portable, this butt cleaner can be brought around anywhere you go so you won’t miss getting cleaned up for an exciting, mess-free anal play.

Enjoy elegance at its finest with our Elegant Portable Metal Shower Enema. Let your butt be cleaned thoroughly for a more pleasurable kinky ass penetration. Buy now!

Color Silver
Type Shower Enema

Handle: Brass

Handle & Nozzle: Brass

Hose: Stainless Steel



hose: 78.74 inches

plug: N/A



mounting hole: 1.5 inches

inlet & outlet:1.5 inches