Triple Style Aluminum Alloy Shower Enema 5.91 Inches Long


An anal douche shower enema that comes with not just one, not only two but three styles of a head plug to choose from! That is what you'll get with our Triple Style Aluminum Alloy Shower Enema 5.91 Inches Long!

As a responsible, sexually active person, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves hygienic and clean, inside and out. Enema has become popular in providing a sense of cleanliness from the inside of your private areas. To give your sacred part the invigorating shower it deserves, it is essential to have the right tools to get the job done thoroughly.

Our Triple Style Aluminum Alloy Shower Enema is here to reward yourself with that kind of special treatment. This enema is made of Aluminum alloy with smooth and flawless edges for comfortable insertion. The tube's diameter is 0.78 inch with a length of 5.12 inches. The head with the smallest diameter measures about 0.77 by 0.79 inches. The next one up has dimensions of 0.98 by 1.26 inches, and the largest one measures around 1.06 by 0.79 inches. Each head has different shapes and distribution of holes. With three nozzle styles to choose from, you can pick which one to use based on your need or desire.

Even for cleaning purposes, a lubricant is still required prior to inserting the enema. Make sure to apply a generous amount into your butt hole and on the nozzle's head as well. The tube can be easily connected to any shower hose. It is straight forward and easy to maneuver.

After a stressful day at work, nothing can rejuvenate our senses with a refreshing shower with the use of our Triple Style Aluminum Alloy Shower Enema 5.91 Inches Long. Go ahead and add this to your cart now!

Color Silver
Type Enema

Handle: Aluminum Alloy

Plug: Aluminum Alloy



handle: 5.12 inches


small: 0.79 inch

medium: 1.26 inches

large: 0.79 inch


handle: 0.78 inch


small: 0.77 inch

medium: 0.98 inch

large: 1.06 inches