Bathroom Fixture Metal Shower Enema


For some of us, anal play has become an integral part of our sex lives. It’s an intimate and interesting sexual activity that some of us have grown accustomed to. However, before we get the anal stimulation going, it’s important to keep the things down there clean and in working order! To help you achieve all that, you will need the help of this Bathroom Fixture Metal Shower Enema.

This enema set is made from high-quality aluminum alloy. With its sleek silver finish, it should be a staple in your shower area most especially if you are planning on engaging in anal sex anytime soon. This shower enema set comes with several components. All these are important as they are needed to make the shower enema work. With this model, you can choose from the different shapes and sizes according to your needs.

The Bathroom Fixture Shower Enema can be attached to your shower or bidet system. This shower enema has a hose with a length of 59 inches. It also comes with a 5.51-inch plug where you can attach various tips or heads with different sizes. You have the freedom to choose which head or tip you can use to clean the anus.

When the Bathroom Fixture Metal Shower has been properly installed, you can use it to get rid of your waste, cleansing your bottom in preparation for anal playtime. Since it is made of highly-durable aluminum alloy, you can use this shower enema for a long time given proper care! Now you would definitely get your money’s worth!

As the shower enema is handy, you can take it with you easily! This allows you to get yourself cleaned up anytime, anywhere!

So grab this amazing Bathroom Fixture Metal Shower Enema and prepare for the freshest anal play of your life!

Color Silver
Type Shower Enema

Handle: N/A

Plug: Aluminum Alloy



handle: N/A

plug: 5.51 in


handle: N/A

plug: 1.06 in