Various Designs Metal Shower Enema


Getting dirty in bed doesn't mean your body has to be filthy, too! You need to be clean, especially down there, to have a cum-exploding sexual experience. Thus, the best way to do that is by using our Various Designs Metal Shower Enema! These shower systems will prepare you for some naughty and dirty sexual activities in bed.

Our Shower Enemas has everything you need in rectal douching. These tools are made from medical-grade metal. This material does not get rusty, even if it gets wet by your juice or the water. Hence, you are guaranteed that it is safe in the body.
These tools also ensure that all your fuck tunnels are deeply cleaned. They all have holes on their nozzles where the water comes out. The number of openings varies, depending on the design of the shower enema.

Some sex tools are beaded while others have a sleek and seamless body. There are also tools in which the nozzles are detachable. This means you can choose the impact of the water flow once inside you.

The beaded shower enemas come in two sizes: 5.12 inches and 7.09 inches. These lengths are enough to clean your rectum and even your pelvis. Since they have ripples, these tools can offer you a different kind of sensation that other shower systems can't provide.

The smooth and seamless design of these shower enemas can offer the same sexual bliss as they clean and hit your erogenous zones. With these tools, you are not just preparing yourself from some anal adventures, but you are also stimulating your sex drive.

Get your fuck tunnels ready before things heat up! Buy our Various Designs Metal Shower Enema for a "cleaner" and more intense anal intercourse.

Color Silver
Type Shower Enema

Handle: Metal 

Plug: Metal




Medium: 5.12 inches

Large: 7.09 inches

Interchangeable Nozzles (Plain): 4.92 inches

Interchangeable Nozzles (Angled): 6.69 inches 

Three Holes: 4.72 inches



Medium: 0.79 inches

Large: 1.18 inches

Interchangeable Nozzles (Plain): N/A

Interchangeable Nozzles (Angled): N/A

Three Holes: 0.59 inch