Stylish Stainless-Steel Handheld Shower Enema


You can never be a certified anal aficionado if you don’t own this Stylish Stainless-Steel Handheld Shower Enema.

The Stylish Handheld Shower Enema ensures no smelly mess comes out in the middle of anal play. That isn’t just off-putting but is also disgusting, especially when it’s happening in bed.

Let’s get to know then your future anal cleansing equipment. It has a total length of 7.09 inches, and 2.76 inches of it is the insertable part. The nozzle has seven holes, great for thorough rectal or vaginal douching. Its shower thread is 1.5 inches, which is based on standard thread size, making it 99% compatible with all shower hoses. It is equipped with its own valve so you can easily regulate the flow of water.

Made of stainless steel, it’s going to be durable and rust-resistant. Also, you can put this in your bum worry-free because it’s hypoallergenic and phthalates-free. Another great feature of this stainless-steel equipment is that it’s non-porous, letting you clean it without a sweat.

Rectal douching is necessary when you’re about to engage in anal play. Doing so will flush out all the wastes in the colon, making your intimate play mess-free! Of course, rectal douching has other health benefits, especially when done the right way and with normal frequency.

Begin by using the toilet because you don’t want to clog the nozzle holes with solid feces. Next, check the water temperature on your wrist; it should be slightly cooler than lukewarm. Lube the insertable part including your ass for painless insertion. Control the water flow by making sure the pressure isn’t high to avoid hurting your insides. When you feel full, sit on the toilet, relax your sphincter and let the fluid flow. Repeat until the fluid coming out is clear. When you're all cleaned up, you are ready for anything!

Don’t embarrass yourself during an intimate moment. Get it super clean to get the rim job you’ve been wanting. Buy the Stylish Stainless-Steel Handheld Shower Enema now!

Color Silver
Type Shower Enema

Handle: Stainless Steel

Plug: Stainless Steel



handle:  4.33 inches

plug: 2.76 inches


handle: 0.81 inches

plug: 0.55 inch