Devil Silicone Nipple Covers
Devil Silicone Nipple Covers
Devil Silicone Nipple Covers
Devil Silicone Nipple Covers

Devil Silicone Nipple Covers

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Your husband is a wild one; he loves kinky and wild plays when in bed. Lately, you noticed that he's into watching porn clips—something that he doesn't often do. Then, you asked yourself—what is lacking in your relationship these past few days? Little did you know, he was poking you at night to give you some dicking, but you were so in deep nights of sleep, you did not notice.

Bring your sex life back to life using whips, chains, and the Devil Silicone Nipple Covers! Makeup to your shortcomings by enticing him with your new devilish look brought to you by these nipple covers!

These caps use one of the trusted materials in the intimacy toy industry—silicone. Silicone is known for its effectiveness, safety, and conformity to the users. These nipple covers do not fall off easily when worn, are hypoallergenic, and cater to a large population. This specific variant has a highly vibrant red color, which brings out the sexiness and the sluttiness of the wearer. And with an almost two-inch diameter cover, you'll surely lure his eyes and feed his lust as he looks are your satanic-smirking melons!

A little amount of adhesive is needed when installing the pasties. Make sure not to apply slippery substances such as essential and body oils and lotions to the breast area as they add heat to the skin by blocking the pores on it. You can attach them by patting the covers to the breast, and you're ready to flirt and play with your husband.

Always clean the nipple tapes before and after use. To do so, wash them with water and mild soap, then dry them naturally by hanging or by patting them with a dry towel.

You wouldn't want to lose the fire burning between you and your man, would you? Get the lovely Devil Silicone Nipple Covers now!


Color Red
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: 1.97 inches