Cute Hand Fun Pasties
Cute Hand Fun Pasties
Cute Hand Fun Pasties
Cute Hand Fun Pasties

Cute Hand Fun Pasties

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Your man has this weird habit of grabbing your boobies in unexpected situations—while your hands are wet and sloppy washing the dishes, while you're writing on your journal—basically, when you can't resist his touches anymore. Well, who can blame him if you have the supplest and most prominent titties, with pinkish, protruding nipples in town?

Hold up! Hands up! Feed his libido and give him a little dirty play tonight with the Cute Hand Fun Pasties! Take a shower and make him wait, then step out of the loo with just these nipple covers that suggest the subtle hints for him to grab your melons!

Don't worry about any harsh skin irritation when you use these pasties, as they use bamboo fibers in the fabric. They're safe to use and work like the clothes that you wear, except it's designed specifically for the nipples. Look at those adorable hand-shaped stickers ready to high-five your man for the wild and kinky night ahead. Aren't they cute indeed? They come in black and pink variants—both serve the same purpose and differ only in colors.

As they use fabric as the material, you can reuse these nip covers by washing them with soapy water and rinsing them with a clean batch after. Dry them by hanging; then, you can reuse them for the next sesh. It is suggested not to use moisturizers or any body oils onto your breasts before sticking these covers as these fluids cause heat to the skin. These come with hypoallergenic adhesives to stick them on so you won't have any allergic reactions when combined with body sweat.

When your husband always pokes you for fun, give him what he deserves for being a good man. An enticing view of you using the Cute Hand Fun Pasties would suffice to satisfy his lust. Get these lovely pieces now!


Color Black, Pink
Material Bamboo Fiber
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A