Casual Petals Silicone Covers
Casual Petals Silicone Covers
Casual Petals Silicone Covers

That little black dress with a plunging neckline looks ravishing on you, and you know it. It hugs your body in all the right places, and it accentuates your curves. Wearing it will make you steal the spotlight and stop any show. But there's one problem, you can't go braless because you're not confident enough to let your nipples show. Does this happen to you all the time?

Don't let a nip slip stop you from looking your best. Go ahead and wear that sheer top because anything is possible with the Casual Petals Silicone Covers.

These self-adhesive nipple pasties are made with premium silicone. They're hypoallergenic, so itchy skin is out of the picture. You can choose between elegant black or casual khaki. You can never go wrong with these classic colors. Silicone is a durable material, so you can be sure that these nipple covers are reusable. You'll be getting your money's worth while saving the environment by not using a disposable product.

If this is your first time to use nipple covers, then here are a few tips. First, make sure that your nipples and areolae are clean. After taking a shower, dry these areas thoroughly. Skip applying moisturizer in the meantime because the adhesive does not stick well on a wet surface. Peel off the protective film on the back to reveal the sticker and carefully place it on your nipple. Press it firmly so that it stays in place.

Upon removal, wash these pasties with gentle soap and warm water. Store them in a clean area, away from dust that may get caught up on them, and compromise the adhesives' efficacy for your future use.

Dare to go braless anytime, anywhere with these dependable nipple pasties. Buy the Casual Petals Silicone Covers before stocks run out!

Color Black, Khaki
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: 3.14 inches


Casual Petals Silicone Covers

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