Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry
Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry
Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry
Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry
Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry
Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry

Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry

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You are a person of superstitions. Every year, you replace your tit rings. You always do this on New Year's Eve because you believe it will bring you good luck. But what if they lose their beauty in the middle of the year? Would you sacrifice your breast's safety just to uphold your belief?

You don't have to wait for the Time Square Ball to drop to change your deteriorating nipple rings on New Year's Eve. The Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry is always here to adorn your titties—no matter what occasion it is!

This magnificent jewelry won't leave you hanging from January to December, as its luster will last almost a lifetime! This is due to its flawless outer surface. There is no need to worry about the layer peeling off or getting stained. It doesn't rust even when soaked in water. It is gold-tinted stainless steel, a trusted material in jewelry making, that's why!

A striking golden ball adorns each of the rings. It measures 0.31 of an inch and hangs from the main ring's 0.35-inch diameter hoop. This hoop is 1/10 inch thick—but not heavy at all to strain your cherries!

And lastly, you can't pierce it through the nipples without its hook, which has a standard gauge size that caters to the piercing addict population. The snapping mechanism lets you unlock and lock the ring to pierced tits.

Other products give you only one piercing for one of your boobies, but not this one! Purchase of this product gives you a pair of titty embellishments. Now that's another way of not letting you down!

Hence, buying this couple is a no-brainer. So don't miss this chance on grabbing these neat tit accessories. Get your Ball Drop Gold Nipple Jewelry now by adding this to your cart!

Color Gold
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Horseshoe Thickness: 0.10 inch (2.5 mm)
Horseshoe Diameter: 0.35 inch (9 mm)
Ball Diameter: 0.31 inch (8 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair Nipple Rings