Tail Butt Plugs

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Become the wildest creature in bed with our products from our tail butt plugs collection!

Erotic petplay is a fascinating and enjoyable type of sexual activity. This is not just your ordinary everyday roleplay. Enthusiasts who practice this lifestyle have proven that their sex life has become more and more engaging. We believe it's because that roleplaying lets you unleash your creative imagination, so you can be whoever you want to be.

In petplay, you're not a human being intimate. Nope, that would be too boring for you. Here, you're free to transform into anything...without boundaries. And it all starts with a Tail Butt Plug of your own.

Tail butt plugs can instantly turn you into the lusty and hungry creature you've always wanted to be! Each of these adult toys features a trustworthy anal plug with an animal tail attached at the end. The kind animal that you want is all up to you.

We've got so much to talk about with tail butt plugs. But it's only fitting that we start with the main attraction of each product in this selection of butt plugs: the tailpiece.

The moment you take a glance at our wide variety of tail butt plugs, you'll be greeted with so many of them, you'd almost be drowning. A tail is a body part that humans do not have; it can be found in most animals. Because you’re acting what kind of creature you'd like to be, you should look the part to convince your partner.

And why wouldn't you get one? They're adorable, with high quality faux fur, and flow naturally down your lower body; it'll almost feel like it's a real part of you.

There are plenty of different tail butt plugs to choose from, including:

Fox tail butt plugs: Fox tail butt plugs are one of the most popular amongst petplayers. These butt plugs look fantastic, and come in a great variety of colors — white, light brown, black and white combination, red and white, a color in ombre, and many others!

Cat tail butt plugs: A cat tail plug is another favorite, and lets you take on the playful persona of your feline friends.

Bunny tail butt plugs: A bunny tail plug is one of the most unique types, featuring the familiar pom pom look of these adorable pets.

And many other butt plugs: You could try a wolf tail plug, dog tail plug, horse tail plug, or even a pig tail plug. The possibilities are as wild as your imagination!

Tail butt plugs are made from either stainless steel or silicone, both of which are medical-grade and non-toxic. Go for silicone if you're still starting out, while those who are up for an adventure will love our stainless steel variants! We spent a lot of time making sure that these butt plugs don't have any harsh components, and that they're completely waterproof.

If you want to have a smoother experience, you can apply a generous amount of your favorite lubricant. Silicone butt plugs should only be given water-based formulas, or else the butt plugs react to the ingredients and disintegrate the toy. A stainless steel tail plug can be used with any kind of lube.

You can also choose the size and shape of your butt plugs. We have a lot of options for your preferences and needs. If the normal teardrop shape is beginning to bore you, you can choose a ribbed style, a beaded structure, or other shapes.

It's time to step up and change the way you've always made love, with one of the most unique sex toys out there. Grab a Tail Butt Plug now and sexily absorb that animal role you always wanted to portray!

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