How To Find The Best Animal Dildos In 2023

What To Know Before Buying One

Before adding an animal dildo to your collection, safety should be at the top of your mind. Be sure that what you're getting is body-safe, non-porous, and devoid of any harmful chemicals.
Size is also another factor to consider. Dildo sizes are often labeled small, medium, and large, while there are also double extra large options. When you know what size fits you well, it's like hitting the sweet spot—literally.
Next, get to know the shop where you'll buy your toy. A store with a good reputation doesn't compromise quality and customer satisfaction. If you like silicone, double-check whether your lube is compatible with your new toy. Silicone-based lubes and silicone toys do not always get along, and you're looking for pleasure, not a chemistry experiment gone wrong.
Scroll through those user reviews like you're investigating a new binge-worthy show. Real-life feedback can give you a good idea about the dildo's performance and how much buzz the toy is getting.
Lastly, double-check the return policy and warranty. Usually, great brands have them in place to ensure customer satisfaction.
Here's a guide to help you make an informed, safe, and deeply satisfying choice.

Types Of Animal Dildos

When you're on the hunt for the best animal dildos this year, keep in mind that material makes a world of difference.

Different Dildos Materials

First up, we have silicone – the crowd favorite. It's safe for the body, a breeze to clean, and it's durable. You can't go wrong with silicone when you're venturing into new territories of pleasure.
Moving on, TPR/TPE is your go-to for a little more give and flexibility. It’s fun and bendy but might not last as long as the more disciplined silicone.
Opt for glass or metal if you prefer a smooth and firm experience. These two can be heated up or cooled down for temperature play. Plus, they're easy to sterilize.
For a touch of realism, CyberSkin, and similar materials offer a lifelike feel that needs extra care.
PVC might be easier on the wallet. However, you'll want to ensure it's a 'phthalate-free' zone to keep your playtime on the safe side.

Different Dildos Features

Some dildos can be smooth on the surface, while others have ribs, bumps, and ridges. Textured surfaces provide intense sensations.
Got no hands to spare? No problem! Suction cup bases have got you covered, sticking to flat surfaces so you can ride off into the sunset, hands-free.
Into sharing the fun? Look for harness compatibility. Make sure the dildo goes perfectly with your strap-on harness.
Fancy a walk on the wild side? Special features like knots can offer entirely new sensations.
Whether you like it squishy or firm, variability in firmness caters to all tastes. From marshmallow soft to rock-hard, there's something for everyone's comfort level.
Last but not least, waterproof designs. These bad boys let you take the adventure to the shower, the tub, or even a moonlit pool. Easy to clean, easier to enjoy – it's a splash of fun wherever you go.
So there you have it – a rundown of the materials and features to help you pick the perfect animal dildo.

Best Animal Dildos

Before buying a new toy, head to the product review section. Satisfied customers can be your guide. Look for products that not only have high ratings but are also backed by positive reviews.
When it comes to design, choose something that will satisfy your desires. Consider how the dildo design aligns with the fantasy you've been dying to explore.
Assessing the price in relation to the quality and features ensures you get value for your money.
Also, check out the product description before you hit the buy button. There should be clear, detailed images that leave nothing to the imagination. After all, you don't want any surprises when your package is delivered—except the good kind!

Understanding the Appeal of Animal Dildos

Animal dildos stand out for their ability to offer shapes and textures you won't find in traditional offerings. They're a gateway to fantasy play and can elevate role-playing scenarios to new heights.
Their unique designs provide stimulation tailored to different preferences, whether it's targeting the G-spot or prostate. The curves and angles are there to maximize your pleasure. There's also an artistic element to appreciate, with craftsmanship that goes into each piece.
Animal dildos can be a safe way to explore new sensations and push your personal boundaries. They're a great tool in helping you discover what feels pleasurable outside your comfort zone.
Lastly, whether you're flying solo or with someone, animal dildos can introduce freshness and excitement into your sexual experiences. They're a fun way to mix things up and keep the bedroom a place of endless adventure and bliss.

Exploring Your Fantasies with Animal Dildos

Animal dildos will help you explore your deepest desires. To guide your selection, know exactly what draws you to them. Is it their wild look, unique feel, or fantasy element? Identify what tickles your fancy and embrace it.
If you're new to these toys, start with designs that are approachable, and not intimidating. Once you've got the hang of it, you can gradually move to more adventurous options. Always respect your boundaries and proceed in a way that feels right for you.
Lastly, context is key. Consider where you're going to deploy your new toy. Solo play? Partnered shenanigans? A grand fantasy scenario? Each setting might call for a different style or size. So, choose wisely and prepare for lift-off.
In the end, it's all about savoring each moment, each sensation, and each playful experience that animal dildos can offer. So go ahead, explore, and let your curiosity lead the way to uncharted territories of joy!

Where to Buy Animal Dildos

Many toy shops are online these days, but which one deserves your loyalty?
Buying from reputable adult stores or directly from manufacturers specializing in fantasy toys ensures you get a quality product. Online retailers with discreet shipping practices respect your privacy.
If you're the hands-on type, attend adult conventions or expos. Doing so gives you a chance to see the product up close and personal. You can also see demonstrations of the toys in action (well, not literally in action, but you get the idea).
Your journey into the wild world of animal dildos should be as enjoyable as the destination. So, shop smart, play safe, and take a wild ride!
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