Silicone Butt Plugs

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As much as we always advertise them to be badass and rough, these products have a literal soft side to them.

A little fun in the bedroom shouldn't hurt. In fact, it's supposed to make your circus nights a lot better. But when you're not ready to take the ultimate leap yet, it's better to start slow at a comfortable pace.

But we won't leave you hanging. There are more ways than one to achieve sexual happiness. Our Silicone Butt Plugs collection can pave the way to a more comfortable anal domination, while still bringing in the excitement.

Silicone is a well-known material used for a lot of things: cooking, cleaning, gadgets, even in hospital equipment! It's a soft and flexible material that can be molded into different shapes. No matter how much you bend, pinch, and squeeze them, they will budge but spring back to their original state. These properties make them the perfect candidate to be used to be made into sex toys.

Along with the help of our team of experts, we gave this material some Lovegasm flair, and before you know it, they're transformed into a wide selection of pleasure tools for your anus!

Not all types of silicone are safe. Because these are going to be used internally, it makes sense to make them body-safe. We make sure that only medical-grade type is used in making our butt plugs. This is the same quality that hospitals use for their medical equipment such as syringes, tubes, and even baby bottles.

Another feature that makes these so great is that they're non-porous...which is just a fancy word for waterproof. This is a crucial factor in making sure that sex toys are safe because porous materials have tiny pores around them that liquid can easily seep through. This could cause bacteria to grow and multiply, and you wouldn't want that in your butt.

This also makes your toys suitable for your bathroom fun! Whether you're in the shower or the tub (or even in the pool), you can take it anywhere with you. Do you want a more slippery experience? Apply a generous amount of your favorite water-based lube, and you're all set!

Once you're done having fun, cleaning up is a breeze. It's waterproof property also makes the plug easy to clean. Lather it up with some mild antibacterial soap—or better yet, a sex toy cleaner—and rinse it thoroughly. Pat dry with a soft towel and remember to store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. It's best if you give it a soft pouch or a felt-lined container of its own, or include it in your stash of pleasure devices!

This material offers a ton of different possibilities to please your hole. Just because it's not that tough doesn't mean that it can't give you different sensations! Feel free to browse and get lost in the endless ways your butt can feel. Only our collection of Silicone Butt Plugs can show you those ways.

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