16" - 18" Dark Grey Cat Tail with Princess-type Butt Plug
16" - 18" Dark Grey Cat Tail with Princess-type Butt Plug
16" - 18" Dark Grey Cat Tail with Princess-type Butt Plug
If you have been curious about ass playing and the great backside mystery, don't be confused--yes, it is very stimulating and will tilt all your erotic inhibitions.

Ass fucking in this era is not a taboo anymore; rather, it is revered to be a part of sexual exploration. It is said that when you are stimulated in the ass, you will have a different satisfaction as compared to the conventional sexual finish. Anal climax is real, and you have been missing out on this wonderful sexual experience!

To start your erotic adventure, we have the perfect tool for you. Our 18" White Tip Dark Cat Princess-Type Tail Plug is here, ready to be in your service for you to explore amazing sexual positions.

This particular variant will let you choose what type of butt plug you wan to enjoy. The silicone model is great for those who love to experience ease in insertion with just the right carnal pressure around the ass. Silicone is hypoallergenic and nonporous, so you can be sure of enjoying safe sexual playing.

We also have the stainless steel plug, which is very apt for those who want to level up their butt plug experience. The stainless steel variant is great for those who love the seductive heaviness that this toy offers. Steel has a very smooth surface, perfect for gliding on your erotic areas for naughty foreplay.

Additionally, the sexy tail that features a distinctive white patch will make your mouth water. You can use this to tickle your partner as you explore the wondrous sensual feeling of stimulating the ass.

Purr in utter desire as this tail plug will make you wild with delight! We even made this with a small. Medium and large variant for you to choose the size that you are most comfortable with.

Just be sure to wash the plug before and after a session. Don't skimp on using water-soluble lubrication to make your playing very comfortable.

Feed your curious mind with this stunning piece! Grab one today!
Color Tail- Gray with white tip,
Plug- Silver, Black
Material Tail- Faux Fur,
Plug- Silicone, Stainless Steel
Type Tail Plug
Dimension (inches)
handle: 18 inches (45.72 cm),
plug: S: 2.95inches (7.5 cm), M: 3.35 inches (8.5 cm), L: 3.74 inches (9.5 cm)
handle: N/A,
plug: S: 1.10 inches (2.8cm), M: 1.38 inches (3.5 cm), L: 1.61 inches (4.09 cm)

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18" White Tip Dark Cat Princess-Type Tail Plug

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