The Top 10 Craziest Sex Toy Facts

The Oldest Dildo

The oldest dildo

Think you're the first in history to seek a little extra fun in the bedroom? Think again! The oldest dildo goes way back – we're talking 28,000 years! This prehistoric pleasure-seeker was found tucked away in the Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. This ancient artifact, made of polished siltstone, measures 20 centimeters and has a smooth finish.

It shows our ancestors were not prudish but rather the opposite. This discovery flips the script on what you might have thought about historical sexual norms. It's a clear sign that the desire for pleasure is as old as humanity itself, and size – apparently – has mattered for quite some time.

Vibrators Weren’t Invented for Sexual Pleasure

Vibrators started as 1800s medical tools to treat 'female hysteria', not for pleasure. These devices even appeared in the Sears, Roebuck, and Co. catalog as "personal massagers," hinting at health benefits rather than intimate pleasure.

Over time, the perception of female pleasure evolved, transforming the vibrator from a medical instrument to a celebrated tool of sexual liberation found in bedroom drawers worldwide. This shift from a clinical device to a personal pleasure aid mirrors the broader journey toward sexual freedom and empowerment.

Adult Toys Bans (Alabama, Can’t own more than six dildos in Texas, some countries)

In some parts of the United States, lawmakers have gotten rather particular about your private pleasures. Take Alabama, for instance – they've got something called the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act, a law that flat-out prohibits the sale of sex toys.

Now, if you're in Texas, you might want to count how many dildos you've got stashed away. Why? According to the state law, owning six or more is a no-go according to state law.

Many countries ban sex toys, not just the U.S. That means taking your favorite vibe on vacation could be riskier than you think. So, you better leave your dildos at home.

You Can Buy a Pornstar Dick or Vagina

You can now buy lifelike models of adult film stars' private parts; they're selling fast among fans.

The great thing about them is that they're personalized experiences that bring you as close as you can get to the real thing without breaking any laws or hearts. Crafted with body-safe materials, these replicas are all about the details. From every curve, texture, and contour, manufacturers are committed to making sure every inch is a faithful reproduction of the original.

The Most Expensive Pleasure Device

Prepare for a luxury experience that redefines pleasure: there are sex toys with price tags that surpass the cost of an average house, reaching up to $1 million. The Pearl Royale vibrator is a fancy, expensive sex toy made with platinum and jewels for people who like luxurious things. It's all about luxury and pleasure, with no limit on price.

Why Does The Rabbit Vibrator Look Like a Rabbit?

The cute design originated in Japan to creatively bypass strict obscenity laws, leading to its iconic animal shape, notably the rabbit, with its distinctive ears designed for clitoral stimulation, while the main shaft targets internal pleasure. This dual-action approach revolutionized personal pleasure, making it a fan favorite for its functionality and approachable design.

Animals are the Most Popular Dildo Shapes

Strolling through Japanese sex shops or browsing online, you might notice the unique range of dildos shaped like cute animals or beloved cartoon characters. This isn't merely for aesthetic appeal; it's a clever workaround for Japan's strict obscenity laws, allowing these items to be marketed as novelties rather than explicit sexual aids. This approach not only makes these products more accessible but also reflects a cultural perspective where sexuality is integrated into the fabric of daily life with a sense of playfulness and innocence.

Manufacturers have ingeniously navigated legal and societal limitations, transforming constraints into creative opportunities. This trend serves as a reminder that the exploration of pleasure and expression of sexuality can be as open and varied as the imagination allows.

People Write Love Notes To Their Favorite Sex Toys

Sex toys that spice up your alone time or add a spark to your bedroom antics are more than just inanimate objects. In fact, they often become the unsung heroes of our intimate lives. It's no wonder that some folks take to the internet to pen heartfelt thank-you's to their beloved vibrators, dildos, cock rings and other pleasure enhancers.

Imagine stumbling upon a message brimming with appreciation for a silicone buddy that's always there when the mood strikes. It's a modern love story of sorts, where satisfaction meets digital confession.

Hair and Makeup Artists Are Hired To Style Sex Dolls

Realism now extends beyond tactile sensations to include visual perfection, thanks to professional hair and makeup artists dedicated to crafting the appearance of these silicone companions. These specialists meticulously apply cosmetics and style wigs, ensuring each doll possesses a unique and lifelike look, from the perfect smoky eye to meticulously styled hair, elevating the overall experience to new heights of authenticity.

Customizing dolls lets people create what they dream of, making them more special and blending imagination with reality. Such craftsmanship underscores the importance of aesthetics in creating a believable, satisfying companion.

1 in 5 People Don’t Clean Their Sex Toys




You might find this hard to believe, but it's true – 1 in 5 people skip out on cleaning their sex toys. That's right, a whole 20% are cruising down a risky road where harmful bacteria could cause harm.

Many users are unaware of the do's and don'ts of sex toy sanitation. But fear not—manufacturers include instructions in the product packaging and online resources. So, grab that soap, familiarize yourself with your chastity toy's cleaning manual, and make it shine—your health (and fun times) depend on it. Remember, a clean toy is a happy toy—and a happier you.

Representation and Diversity in Marketing

Inclusive marketing is changing things by challenging stereotypes and including everyone. If you've felt ignored before, things are getting better. The message is clear: sexual wellness is for everyone, and every 'body' deserves to be seen.

Products are also being crafted with an eye for diverse anatomical considerations. That means whether you're looking for something that fits you just right or something that challenges your expectations, you're covered. The goal? is to make sure that pleasure is accessible and enjoyable for every possible preference and need.

Next time you're shopping for a new sex toy, notice how diversity and representation are now common in ads. It's a new era, and things are improving.

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