Homemade Anal Douches

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Anal douches are a great way to prepare your body before you plan on having any anal sex. They require a lot of planning and preparation though, and sometimes spontaneity means you won’t have had time to prepare yourself.

In this situation, you might find yourself looking for an easier and quicker option than running to the store and picking up a douching kit.

A Water Bottle

The most common type of homemade douche you’re likely to come across is the water bottle. It already comes complete with a nozzle for easy dispersal of fluid, and the bottle is suitable size for a decent amount of your chosen douching fluid.

Simply fill up your bottle, insert the nozzle into your anus, and squirt just like you would any other douche. If you do decide to use a bottle as an anal douche, it’s important that you make sure to leave the nozzle on.

The ridges that the cap screws onto can be quite sharp so inserting them directly into your anus can be painful and may even cause cuts or tears to your skin!

Occasionally using a bottle in place of an anal douche is unlikely to cause you any long-term problems. You should try to avoid doing it all the time though.

The plastic that makes up the bottles can contain toxic elements, which is exactly the reason it isn’t recommended to reuse them over and over.

Just as the bottles can affect your intestines and stomach if you keep using them, they can equally cause harm to your rectum and anus.

Shower Hoses

Another common option for a makeshift anal douche is your shower hose. These are readily available, and most of us will have access to at least one in our house.

You can choose to remove the shower head from the hose and use the pipe directly on your anus and let the force of the water enter or leave the shower head on for a less intense and more tickly flow.

While using a shower hose does make things a little easier as all of the nasty dirt and bacteria are washed straight down the drain with the water, you do need to take some care.

Not only do you need to make sure that the temperature of the water isn’t too hot or too cold, but there’s also the consideration of water pressure.

Your household pipes don’t carry a consistent amount of pressure at all times. This can mean there are sudden surges of higher pressure water at times.

Too much pressure at once inside your rectum and you run the risk of rupturing it, which is a serious problem and will likely affect the rest of your life. Make sure you take it slow and steady and pay attention to both the heat and pressure of the water as it enters your body.

Other Homemade Douches

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many options when it comes to a homemade makeshift douching kit. You might be able to fashion a douche-like device using plastic bags and tubes and it might just about be able to do the job.

If you do though, it will probably be difficult to keep it from leaking and very hard to make sure it stays hygienic.

You will always be better off picking up a high quality anal douche from a good store, and probably have a much better experience cleaning your anus.

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