Unusual Sex Toys You Probably Haven’t Tried

The sex toy industry is a dazzling array of diversity, where inventiveness knows no bounds. You'll be surprised by the sheer variety of products to elevate your intimate moments. You might think you've seen it all, but there's always something new under the sheets.

So, let's explore some of the most unusual sex toys you probably haven't tried—but maybe, just maybe, you might want to.


Yes, you read that right—vajankles. It's: a silicone foot with a vagina integrated into the ankle. Unconventional? Certainly. But for those with a foot fetish, it's a game-changer.

Users love vajankles for their lifelike feel and the unique combination of interests it caters to. Remember, keeping it clean is key so you want your foot to be both fancy and fresh. 

Urethral Sounds

Originally medical instruments, urethral sounds have found a new lease on life in the kink community. If you're considering this form of play, safety is important—sterilization and slow, gentle use are non-negotiable to avoid infections or injury.

Urethral sounds is a different experience for men and women, with varying degrees of risk, so do your homework. For some, the psychological thrill of medical play amplifies the physical sensations.

Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos offer an experience that's as close to the real thing as possible. These clever contraptions can release a safe, body-friendly substance to simulate ejaculation. Users rave about the added realism in their playtime. Keeping it clean is crucial for your health and its longevity—so pay attention to those maintenance tips. Also, keep an eye out for the latest models that might feature dual-core silicone for an even more lifelike feel.

Oversized/Fantasy Dildos

Ever fantasized about getting intimate with a creature of myth? Oversized and fantasy dildos transport your imagination into reality—well, kind of. They're a hit with those who crave a sense of fullness or have a penchant for the fantastical.

But start slow because these toys are not for the faint of heart. And remember, the artistry behind these creations is as impressive as their size. Ease into the experience, and these might become your new favorite!

Penis Extenders

The Penis extenders are sleeves that fit over the penis, offering additional length or girth. They're a temporary solution for those seeking a little more during their intimate encounters. Users often appreciate the boost in confidence it gives them. Just be sure to manage expectations and prioritize comfort—you and your partner both need to be on board.


DIY enthusiasts, listen up! Clone-a-Willy kits allow you to make a silicone replica of your (or your partner's) manhood. It's a fun, hands-on project that can also be a bonding activity with your partner. Just follow the instructions closely to avoid a flop—literally. This experience can be a celebration of body positivity, offering a new perspective on your own anatomy.

Sex Dice

Roll the dice and let chance decide your next move in the bedroom. Sex dice can introduce a playful element to foreplay. To make it truly yours, why not customize the actions? Set clear boundaries before playing to ensure everyone involved feels comfortable and excited about the possibilities.

Candy Panties

For a sweet treat that doubles as a cheeky garment, candy panties are a fun choice. They're exactly what they sound like—underwear made from edible candy. While they may not be the most practical for long-term wear, they can certainly make foreplay more interesting. 

Sensation Enhancement Toys

Textured sleeves, warming lubricants, and more! Sensation enhancement toys are all about adding a new dimension to your pleasure. Users love the unique sensations these toys provide. Whether you're after a cooling tingle or a gentle heat, there's something out there for you.

Always do a patch test first to avoid any unwanted reactions.

Interactive and VR-Compatible Sex Toys

Interactive and VR-compatible toys can sync with content or another device for an immersive experience that's truly next-level. Some examples include a cock cage that can be unlocked via bluetooth. User reviews often highlight how these toys can deepen the connection in long-distance relationships or simply provide an incredibly lifelike solo session. As the tech evolves, keep an eye on user privacy and the ethical considerations around its use.


For those with a foot fetish, vajankles have become a fascinating addition to their collection. These toys offer a hyper-realistic experience, often made from high-quality silicone that mimics the look and feel of real skin.

Some people find the vajankle a delightful surprise that adds a twist to their usual routine. The novelty aspect is a conversation starter and provides a certain charm and can be a playful way to engage with your own desires.

Urethral Sounds

Originally used for medical procedures, specifically to clear blockages in the urinary tract, these long, slender instruments have found a rather unexpected place in the kink world.

Urethral sounding involves inserting a sound into the urethra for pleasure. Before you even consider it, know that safety and hygiene are really important. This is one adventure where meticulous cleanliness is a must. Users often describe the sensation as intensely intimate, with a mix of pleasure and discomfort that's hard to find elsewhere.

Ejaculating Dildos

These awesome gadgets simulate ejaculation, aiming to mirror a real-life climax. Users say there's an emotional component to it. For ejaculating dildos, it's crucial to choose ones that use body-safe materials for the 'cum' function. You want to ensure that whatever is going inside you is free from harmful chemicals or irritants. Safety first, pleasure close second!

Some of the latest ejaculating dildos boast innovations like dual-core silicone, which not only gives a more lifelike feel but also ensures the 'ejaculation' is as smooth as the real deal. It's these kinds of advancements that keep the sex toy industry fresh and exciting.

Oversized/Fantasy Dildos

Have you ever wandered into the more enigmatic sections of a sex toy website and found yourself face-to-face with a towering, mythical-looking dildo? The oversized and fantasy dildos appeal to adventurers seeking a new level of fullness, enthusiasts of the fantastical, or anyone curious enough to explore beyond the standard fare.

Many report a sense of achievement and intense pleasure from the filling sensation these dildos provide.

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