Yoni Egg Crystals: Frequently Asked Questions

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What do Obsidian yoni eggs symbolize?

Obsidian is the gemstone of change, truth, protection, and deep mystic knowledge. It is a deep, dark-colored, shining stone filled with secrets. Choose this stone if your life is going through major changes, if you are experiencing high amounts of stress and danger, or simply if you wish to deepen your spiritual knowledge and focus on your studies.

What is the history of Obsidian?

Obsidian is formed when water comes in contact with volcanic lava. It is extremely hard and capable of producing sharp, dangerous edges. Since the Paleolithic era, it has been used to create weapons, including but not limited to knives, spears, and the tips of arrows. It had an exclusively military use for centuries before sages began to discover its spiritual power. It is one of the most deadly stones in the entire world due to the many types of weapons it can create.

What are the mystical properties of Obsidian?

Obsidian has often been described as the "black mirror" stone. Deep within its smooth, reflective surface are contained many deep mystic secrets. Those seeking knowledge are often naturally drawn to obsidian. Of course, it can also store the secrets of people who come into contact with it. Gazing deep into a smooth obsidian surface has long been believed to be a method of confronting your "true self" - strengths, weaknesses, good and bad qualities, and all. The awareness granted by obsidian can also help you navigate through great, world-shaking changes in your life, whether they are good or bad.

Why is Obsidian a popular choice for yoni eggs?

Obsidian yoni eggs are primarily beloved for their protective power. Obsidian eggs are unparalleled when it comes to keeping you safe from negative spiritual energies. These deep "black mirrors" are capable of storing a great amount of energy before they need to be cleansed, which make them a great choice for people who do not have a lot of time to perform frequent cleansing rituals. They are also capable of eliminating self-doubt and increasing your awareness of all aspects of your identity.

What is snowflake obsidian and what does it symbolize?

Snowflake obsidian is a type of obsidian which contains clumps of small white crystals within its black surface, which often resemble snowflakes. It symbolizes inner purity and recognizing the parts of you which are pure, kind and clean. Snowflake obsidian will help you get to know the very best parts of yourself.

What is gold sheen obsidian and what does it symbolize?

Gold sheen obsidian is a type of obsidian which is not truly black, but in fact a deep, rich brown. It shines with a golden color when exposed to the light. Due to its golden color, this obsidian is associated with the sun and can heal blockages of the solar plexus chakra. It symbolizes finding direction and making the right decision when faced with difficult choices. This is a reassuring stone which will help you through even your darkest times.

What is silver sheen obsidian and what does it symbolize?

Similar to gold above, silver sheen obsidian is not truly black but is a deep, smoky grey. When it is lit, it appears silver, as though it has been touched by moonlight. It symbolizes intelligence and can help sharpen your mind. Intellectual problems can be solved in a flash with the help of silver sheen obsidian - and it can even be a good luck charm if you've got a difficult test to take!

What is mahogany obsidian and what does it symbolize?

Mahogany obsidian features an extremely high iron content which gives it a reddish-brown overall hue. It is the warmest-colored of the obsidian varieties and symbolizes healing and the acknowledgment of repressed feelings. If you want to start using obsidian yoni eggs but are nervous about the intensity of solid black, mahogany obsidian may be the perfect place to start.

What is heaven's eye obsidian and what does it symbolize?

Heaven's eye obsidian contains a variety of additional materials which give it an extremely colorful, surprisingly bright design. Its surface sparkles with colors including red, green, blue, gold and purple. This obsidian is a protective stone which will keep you safe from negative outside influences. If you feel that there is a source of toxicity in your life and you need to re-assert your boundaries, heaven's eye obsidian can help you to do so.

What is velvet obsidian and what does it symbolize?

Velvet's eye obsidian may initially appear very similar to heaven's eye, as both are known for containing multiple bright colors within their black surface. However, they can be distinguished from one another because heaven's eye obsidian contains separate, individual sparkles, whereas in velvet obsidian the colors combine to form larger swirls and patterns. Velvet obsidian is a stone of guidance, and can lead you and provide you with direction if you plan to embark on a mental or spiritual journey. If you are seeking personal growth in the near future, velvet obsidian can help you out.

What does Black Obsidian symbolize?

Considered the "standard" obsidian, this beautiful stone is a deep, flawless black with a smooth, shiny, reflective surface. It is a powerful, intense stone which can help you strengthen your mind, spirit and aura. It challenges negative influences in your life and forces them to stand down, leaving you free to move forwards and increase your confidence and self-knowledge. A stone of protection, a stone of learning, a stone of guidance and a stone of power, black obsidian has many uses and can prove beneficial to a wide range and variety of people.

What chakras are Black Obsidian yoni eggs associated with?

Due to its association with volcanic lava, black obsidian is a stone with a strong Earth affinity. Therefore, it is connected to the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine and controls the core of the body. A black obsidian yoni egg can clear blockages in the root chakra by strengthening your connection to Mother Earth and returning you to a place of self-awareness and focus on yourself, free from toxic outside influences.

How can Black Obsidian help me heal emotionally?

Black obsidian can stimulate stagnant self-growth and take you from a position of feeling "stuck" to once again moving forward and making progress in your personal journey. By looking into its black, mirrored surface, you can see a reflection of yourself as you truly are, including both flaws and strengths which you may not have been aware of previously. You will become aware of what you need to work on and be able to approach these problems with a level, rational mind, unencumbered by fear or self-doubt. However, keep in mind that black obsidian does not just show you the negative parts of yourself - it will also make you aware of strengths which you may not have ever known you possessed.

How can Black Obsidian help me heal physically?

Black obsidian is primarily associated with the stomach and the digestive system. It can assist in the healing of problems related to the stomach, gallbladder, and intestines. If you suffer from stomach pains or chronic digestive issues, then a black obsidian yoni egg is the perfect choice for you. In addition, black obsidian has another, very unique power: it can help you locate and purge stress within the body. Your egg will direct you to areas of tension which you can then release with yoga, stretches and meditation.

How can Black Obsidian help me heal spiritually?

A black obsidian yoni egg is one of the quickest and most efficient when it comes to getting in tune with your aura. Within days of beginning to use this egg, it will latch on to any toxic, negative influences to your aura and eliminate them. Suffering from a toxic work environment? Drained by a bad romantic or familial relationship? Stressed in ways you simply haven't identified or been able to understand? Your black obsidian yoni egg will make these sources of negative energy clearer to you than ever before - AND help you purge them from your life and aura.

Can I use my Black Obsidian yoni egg during meditation?

Absolutely! In addition to the standard inserted position, you can also meditate with a black obsidian yoni egg placed above your navel or against your third eye. The navel position will help clear up any physical ailments centering in the stomach or digestive tract. Meanwhile, black obsidian interacting with the third eye point will clear your head by eliminating sources of mental stress. In this position, your egg may also send you intense visions to help you identify things which are clouding or darkening your aura.

What do Rose Quartz yoni eggs symbolize?

Rose quartz is the gem of love, empathy, and kindness both to others and to yourself. The distinctive pink color of rose quartz represents the heart, specifically a pure, open heart which is capable of both giving love and accepting love in return. It is the most gentle of the common yoni egg gemstones, and is perfect for anyone who needs a warm, calming, loving influence in their life.

What is the history of Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz was first discovered and used around 600 BC. It immediately became popular due to its delicate, beautiful color. Ancient civilizations, including those of Egypt, Rome, and China, used rose quartz as tokens of love which were exchanged between partners during the stages of courtship. The Egyptians also believed in a strong connection between rose quartz and beauty, and small pieces of the crystal were used in the creation of face masks for clearing and enhancing skin. In Europe, rose quartz was known as "Bohemian ruby" and was strongly connected to art and music. Artists would carry rose quartz talismans with them which brought them inspiration as they created new works.

What are the mystical properties of Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is the master of all areas related to love and romance. Whether you want to attract a new partner, strengthen your relationship with your current partner, or move on after a sad heartbreak, a rose quartz stone will strengthen your heart and help you achieve your goal. In addition, rose quartz is the stone which brings inspiration, helping writers, artists, musicians and other creative souls to unlock their true potential. Lastly, rose quartz can help those suffering from anxiety, depression or feelings of loneliness, as it allows them to open their hearts and receive love from others.

Why is Rose Quartz a popular choice for yoni eggs?

Rose quartz has always been thought of as a powerful feminine stone due to its pink color. It strengthens all areas of the body related to love and the individual's love life - which, of course, includes the yoni. Inserting a rose quartz yoni egg can help a woman become more in tune with her heart and become more able to love both herself and those in her life who deserve love including family, friends, and romantic and sexual partners.

What color variations can you find in Rose Quartz yoni eggs?

Rose quartz is typically a delicate pink stone with a smooth, starry look and texture. Much like the flower from which it takes its name, rose quartz can vary in color from pale nearly white to an intense hot pink. It may also feature patches of red, white, or clear color formed from clumps of crystal or bits of other mineral. All rose quartz yoni eggs are extremely beautiful and calming with their unique color.

How can Rose Quartz help me heal emotionally?

As the stone of love, rose quartz deals with all aspects of this powerful emotion. Rose quartz can help you become more in touch with love-related feelings, whether it is the excitement of a first crush, the devotion of a long-term partnership or the sorrow which follows the end of a relationship. However, it's important to never forget that love also includes loving yourself. Rose quartz can help a person process negative emotions held within their heart, and eventually release them so that they can move forward, heal and grow. Lastly, rose quartz can help you become more emotionally open, willing to share your thoughts and feelings with others and speak up for yourself with renewed confidence.

How can Rose Quartz help me heal physically?

Rose quartz is primarily associated with two areas of the physical body: the yoni and, of course, the heart. Rose quartz can improve fertility and protect against yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and chemical imbalances in the female sexual organs. It can also alert its owner to heart and blood related issues which they may not have even been aware of previously. These can include high blood pressure, heart palpitations and much more. But don't forget the historical association between rose quartz and beauty - it can keep your skin clear, your cheeks flushed and your body in general looking young, healthy and gorgeous!

How can Rose Quartz help me heal spiritually?

Spiritually, rose quartz is valuable because it puts you in touch with your feminine energies and your connection to Mother Earth and the divine Goddess force. It can strengthen feelings of femininity and security in your identity as a woman. In addition, rose quartz can assist with the healing of spiritual scars left by heartbreak, depression and loneliness. It is not an exaggeration to say that rose quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones in existence.

What chakras are Rose Quartz yoni eggs associated with?

Of course, rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. This is the chakra which governs personal relationships, as well as how the individual relates with the universe and the world around them. The heart chakra is the chakra of love, but it is also the chakra of empathy and being kind to yourself. There is also a connection between rose quartz and the third-eye chakra, as that is the chakra of honesty and self-awareness and rose quartz increases confidence and teaches its users to love themselves.

Can I use my Rose Quartz yoni egg during meditation?

Certainly! It is recommended to meditate with your rose quartz yoni egg in the inserted position, due to its powerful connection to the Goddess energy and the female sexual and reproductive systems. You can also meditate with your rose quartz yoni egg placed against your chest, close to your heart. This is recommended if your mind is feeling cluttered and you wish to clear your thoughts and become more in tune with your genuine, honest feelings.

What do Jade yoni eggs symbolize?

Jade is the stone of mysticism, the most popular and enduring of the spiritual crystals. It is associated with the link between the physical and spiritual realms, and the ability for humans to live their lives in tune with and aware of both worlds. It represents self-awareness of yourself as both a physical and a spiritual being, a mind and a body, and a person who lives an aware, deliberate life.

What is the history of Jade?

Jade has the longest and most storied history of all the yoni egg crystals and gemstones. Cultures all over the world have used jade as a form of currency as well as in the making of jewelry, statuary and religious art. Just to provide a few examples of Jade's extensive history, it was carved into weapons by early settlers of the British isles and prized as a trade good by the Aztec, Maya, and many other civilizations of South America. And, of course, ancient Chinese nobles and courtesans used jade to make the world's first yoni eggs!

What are the mystical properties of Jade?

Jade is associated with truth, reflection, and the spiritual journey of the individual. A person can expand their spiritual knowledge and their connection to the universe through regularly using a jade yoni egg. In addition, the connection between jade and truth makes it a powerful tool which can be used to dispel illusions, see through lies, and understand the true motivations of those around you.

Why is Jade the most popular yoni egg material?

Jade is extremely popular and enduring as a yoni egg material due to its long history. The first ever yoni eggs were made from jade, and were used by Chinese empresses and nobles to improve their sexual prowess and maintain a strong sexual relationship with their husbands, consorts and lovers. However, in addition to its history, Jade is also beloved because it serves as a "gateway" stone for helping people become more spiritually aware. Many newbies to the yoni egg community tend to start with a jade egg because it is an approachable, easy-to-use stone which can help them get in tune with themselves as a goddess, spiritual being, and part of the greater mystical universe.

Are all Jade yoni eggs green?

No! While green jade is far and away the most popular and iconic, the mineral we know as jade actually comes in a wide variety of colors. Jade has been found in white, brown, blue, pink, orange, and black. When choosing a jade yoni egg, pick the color which you feel speaks the most to you and with which you feel the greatest emotional resonance.

What are the different types of Jade used to make yoni eggs?

What we call "jade" is actually made up of two varieties of the same gemstone, which are similar in texture but can vary greatly in color, hardness, structure, and mystical properties. One is called "nephrite" and the other is called "jadeite".

What is Nephrite?

Nephrite is the more common and easy-to-obtain of the two types of jade. It is slightly softer and less dense than its counterpart. The majority of nephrite is green, and most people who think of "green jade" are in fact thinking of nephrite. However, nephrite can also be found in brown, white and black.

What is Jadeite?

Jadeite is the rarer type of jade, and is harder and denser than the softer and smoother nephrite. While jadeite can be found in the "standard" green color, it tends to express itself in a wider variety of hues than nephrite. Jadeite can be found in orange, red, blue, pink, white, and black colors. Even green jadeite comes in a wider range of hues, from a pale mint to the traditional deep emerald hue.

Are the properties of Nephrite and Jadeite yoni eggs different?

The spiritual and mystical properties of jade vary due to the yoni egg's color, not its composition. There are not typically special properties associated with jadeite vs. nephrite, but there are some unique benefits ascribed to some of the more unique (non-green) jade colors. For example, black jade is used for purging negative energy similarly to black obsidian, while brown jade can increase your connection to Mother Earth and red jade, similar to red jasper, inspires courage and combats fear. However, green jade remains the most popular type of jade yoni egg by far, and its mystical properties are by far the most well known.

How can Green Jade help me heal emotionally?

Due to its extensive use as a yoni egg, green jade can heal the greatest amount of emotional issues and traumas. It can purge negative energy from any part of the body or psyche. It lessens the intensity of negative emotions while increasing positive emotions and allowing them to flow more smoothly through you. However, the primary benefit of green jade its its ability to enhance self-awareness, helping women understand themselves and their emotions as they move through their lives.

How can Green Jade help me heal physically?

Green jade is a powerful enemy of poisons, and can be used to filter physical toxins from the body. These include everything ranging from illnesses, parasites and harmful bacteria to overuse of alcohol or drugs. In terms of specific body parts, jade is associated with the bones and the joints, and can improve weaknesses and heal breaks through the redirection of energy. For internal organs, jade is connected to those which help flush poisons out of the body, including the kidneys, liver, and spleen. Lastly, jade is connected to the male sexual organs much in the same way that rose quartz is associated with the yoni and female reproductive system. For this reason, jade is one of the most popular yoni eggs to use during intercourse with a male partner, as it can heal impotence, infertility, and sex-related fears and anxieties.

How can Green Jade help me heal spiritually?

Primarily, green jade is used to enhance your connection with the spiritual realm and your own spiritual self. It is the stone of guidance, which reaches out and connects the two key parts of the self, the physical and the spiritual, and links them into one united being. Green jade will guide you on your spiritual journey as you learn more about yourself and who you truly are.

What chakras are Green Jade yoni eggs associated with?

Unlike other stones, green jade has an equal association with all chakras and is effective at healing any blockages, wherever they are located. This is due to green jade serving as a link between the physical and the spiritual body. If you regularly use a green jade yoni egg, it will become extremely attuned to yourself and your energy, and will be able to sense any blockages as soon as they appear, before they have a chance to develop into something which can harm you.

Can I use my Green Jade yoni egg during meditation?

Of course! There are a number of positions you can use to meditate with green jade. Of course, as with all yoni eggs, the inserted position is extremely effective, as it puts the jade in direct contact with your yoni and the center of your feminine self. However, you can also meditate with the green jade pressed against your third eye if you are working on your spiritual journey, or held in your hands or against your heart if you are looking to center yourself, collect your thoughts and calm your frazzled mind. Lastly, hold your green jade yoni egg up to any chakra point which you believe may be blocked in order to begin the healing process.

What do Red Jasper yoni eggs symbolize?

Red jasper is a passionate, intense stone associated with courage, protection, and victory in battle - whether that battlefield is physical, mental or spiritual. Those with a warrior's spirit may find themselves strongly drawn to red jasper yoni eggs. However, you do not necessarily have to already be a powerful, courageous individual to seek out red jasper for use in your spiritual life - the stone can strengthen these aspects in you and help you become such a person as your spiritual journey continues.

What is the history of Red Jasper?

Red jasper is classified as a type of quartz, and has a similarly extensive history to the more gentle and nurturing rose quartz. Historically, red jasper was primarily used by the Native American and ancient Egyptian cultures, both of whom believed it to be the crystallized blood of a divine figure (the Mother Earth goddess in America and the goddess Isis in Egypt). These blood-colored crystals were formed into talismans which were used by the warriors, hunters, and guardians of the tribe. Healers would also make use of red jasper crystals to grant them the energy, endurance and strength to perform the difficult tasks associated with their job.

What are the mystical properties of Red Jasper?

Red jasper is the stone of passion in all of its forms. This includes sexual passion, passion for a hobby or talent, and, of course, passion for battle or sport in the form of strength, endurance and ferocity. Red jasper grants strength of both the physical and mental varieties, and a regular user of a red jasper yoni egg will find themselves able to face greater and greater trials as their endurance increases. However, red jasper deeply understands that true strength also comes from control, and can actually lessen the influence of negative emotions such as anger or hatred within the body.

Why is Red Jasper a popular choice for yoni eggs?

This stone is primarily beloved as a yoni egg material due to its ability to increase stamina, endurance, and sexual libido. The deep passion of red jasper can make masturbation and sexual intercourse much more intense and pleasurable for all parties involved. Even if you're exhausted after a long day at work, slipping in your red jasper yoni egg can help you become sexually excited. Of course, due to its strong sexual energies, red jasper also combats impotence, infertility, and anxiety related to sex or sexuality.

How can Red Jasper help me heal emotionally?

Red jasper enhances confidence, helping you face your daily struggles with a level-headed inner strength. You will become more aware of the positive aspects of your personality and more able to deal with and overcome the negative aspects of yourself. Life can feel less overwhelming with assistance from the strength-boosting red jasper yoni egg.

How can Red Jasper help me heal physically?

Rather than being associated with a specific organ or body part, red jasper is connected to the metabolism and to the process of recovery following an illness or injury. Red jasper speeds up recovery by isolating and identifying the parts of your body and mind which still need healing. It can also increase your metabolism, giving you the strength and endurance to keep up with an active, exercise-centered lifestyle to keep you physically healthy at all ages and in all stages of life.

How can Red Jasper help me heal spiritually?

Yoni eggs made from red jasper have a powerful connection with the concept of Tantra - the constant, cycling flow of energies throughout the body. A red jasper yoni egg can help move energies into weaker parts of the body and strengthen muscles or joints which may have weakened due to age, injury, or inactivity. It will lead to you feeling more balanced and centered both physically and spiritually, and give you a sense of comfort within your own skin that you may have been lacking previously.

What chakras are Red Jasper yoni eggs associated with?

Red jasper is connected to the three lower chakras of the body: the navel chakra, located near the solar plexus and behind the belly button, the sacral chakra, located towards the genitals, and the root chakra, located at the very base of the body and connected to the base of the spine. When these chakras become blocked, you may find yourself experiencing problems with continence, digestion, and sexual potency. Red jasper yoni eggs are most effective at clearing up blockages in these three areas.

Can I use my Red Jasper yoni egg during meditation?

Yes! Meditate with your red jasper yoni egg when you are feeling blockages occur in the navel, root, or sacral chakras. You can either insert your yoni egg or place it against the affected chakra point. Because this yoni egg is associated with passion and strength, you may come away from your meditation session feeling energized and bursting with vigor, rather than calm or lethargic. Try pairing your red jasper meditation sessions with a nice run or a trip to the gym for maximum effectiveness!

What do Tiger's Eye yoni eggs symbolize?

The beautiful, banded tiger's eye is the stone of fortune. It represents success and cleverness and is known to bring good luck to its user in all aspects of their life. Much like the cat, with which it is strongly associated, tiger's eye is also an extremely energetic, feisty stone which can be used to combat fear and anxiety.

What is the history of Tiger's Eye?

Tiger's eye is a beautiful member of the quartz family which is colored in a mix of yellows, browns and blacks in a distinctive banded pattern. It was discovered at around the same time as rose quartz and was primarily used in the making of charms and talismans. Tiger's eye was associated with people who desired to improve their financial fortunes, such as merchants and gamblers. However, it was also used by healers and mystics to ward against curses, demonic possession, and the evil eye.

What are the mystical properties of Tiger's Eye?

The primary benefit of tiger's eye is its ability to enhance luck and bring financial prosperity to your life. If you are beginning a new financial venture, seek the assistance of a tiger's eye yoni egg to encourage prosperity and success. The secondary effect of tiger's eye is its protective properties, as it can ward off hexes, curses and the evil eye as well as purge other negative influences from your life. Lastly, tiger's eye can imbue the user with cat-like surety and cleverness, chasing away fear and giving yourself the strength to move through life with a cat's grace.

Why is Tiger's Eye a popular choice for yoni eggs?

Tiger's eye is a beloved yoni egg choice due to imbuing the user with luck. Of course, this extends to sexual luck as well - a tiger's eye yoni egg can help you "get lucky" with the partner of your choice! However, tiger's eye yoni egg users should also not neglect the protective benefits of this crystal. It can keep you safe from all sorts of evil and negative influences in your life. Avoid psychic attacks, resist toxic influences and gain greater control over your emotions - even those awful menstrual mood swings.

How can Tiger's Eye help me heal emotionally?

A yoni egg made from tiger's eye can regulate emotions, helping you deal with anger, fear, and stress without letting them take over your life. Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can start on the path towards healing with the assistance of a tiger's eye yoni egg. Not only will your yoni egg grant you luck and success in your endeavors, but it will also give you a greater ability to handle the low points in life which sometimes strike you unexpectedly.

How can Tiger's Eye help me heal physically?

Tiger's eye is primarily associated with the head and face, including the eyes, ears, and the nose and connected sinus system. It can speed up the healing process for a number of frequent, everyday ailments such as the common cold, allergies, hayfever, itchy/watery eyes and generally congested sinuses. Additionally, a tiger's eye yoni egg can improve failing vision, keeping the eyes as strong and clear and sharp-sighted as those of cats.

How can Tiger's Eye help me heal spiritually?

The different colors of a tiger's eye stone's distinctive banded pattern represent attunement: an awareness of the world around you, both the physical and spiritual planes. It will improve your "second sight" - your ability to read the auras of both yourself and others, and identify psychic damage caused by outside influences on yourself. Of course, by protecting you from external attacks such as the evil eye, tiger's eye yoni eggs also give you the time and space to "breathe" and grow your own spiritual self / focus on your own spiritual identity free from dangerous outside influences.

Is it true that using Tiger's Eye yoni eggs can help me become more wealthy?

It is potentially true! Tiger's eye is the stone of good luck, success and fortune, and can help you succeed on your endeavors in life. However, it is important to keep in mind that the stone's definition of "success" does not necessarily always refer to financial success. Becoming more wealthy is certainly something which can happen due to the use of a tiger's eye yoni egg, it is not guaranteed to come true. Remember, the yoni egg will give you what you truly need - which may not always necessarily be what you want.

What chakras are Tiger's Eye yoni eggs associated with?

Tiger's eye is associated with the solar plexus or navel chakra, located at the very core of the physical body. This chakra is responsible for the flow of energy throughout the body, and making sure that all areas of the body remain strong. A healthy navel chakra can help you to feel strong and powerful, and be more able to exercise your authority in situations where you find yourself in a position of leadership.

Can I use my Tiger's Eye yoni egg during meditation?

You bet! Because of the strong association between tiger's eye and the sun / solar energy, you should meditate with your tiger's eye yoni egg during the day when the sun's bright light is visible. If you have the proper space to do so, try bringing your yoni egg outside for a meditation session bathed in the healing rays of the sun. This will charge up your tiger's eye yoni egg as well as filling you with powerful energy and confidence as you move forward through life.

What do Bloodstone yoni eggs symbolize?

This deep-colored stone, typically mixing streaks of dark green and intense crimson, is the stone of vitality. Its blood-like color, which gave rise to its name, represents life energy and the primal life force which resides within the human body. It can empower, revitalize, and grant its user strength and stamina beyond their wildest dreams. Anyone feeling sluggish or like their life needs an injection of primal force and energy should choose a bloodstone yoni egg.

What is the history of Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is a variation of jasper which is primarily found in India. Its unique deep red coloration is created by the presence of oxidized flecks of iron within the stone. It was valued as a trade good and quickly spread to the Middle East, Europe, Australia and the British Isles. In some parts of Europe, it was renamed "heliotrope," meaning "sun stone," because it appears to glow in certain lights. It became popular not just among believers in mysticism and the Tantric arts, but within the Christian mythos where it came to represent the blood of Christ spilled during the Crucifixion.

What are the mystical properties of Bloodstone?

As the stone of vitality, bloodstone is primarily associated with the ability to confer energy and rejuvenate and empower its user. It restores both the mind and the body to a prime state after even the most exhausting of ordeals. Bloodstone can also grant confidence when the user is facing upcoming challenges in their life. It is a valuable stone because it addresses the past and the future at once, healing the body and mind but also strengthening them as you move forward in life.

Why is Bloodstone a popular material for making yoni eggs?

Bloodstone is beloved among women for the bursts of physical and mental energy its use can provide. Whether it's a difficult pregnancy, a rough bout of menstrual cramps, job stress, leaving a toxic relationship, or simply getting ready for a marathon sex session with your current partner, your bloodstone yoni egg can store and transfer the vital energy which you need. With regular use, your bloodstone egg will boost physical strength and mental confidence alike.

How can Bloodstone help me heal emotionally?

Bloodstone revitalizes the mind and body, giving you the strength to heal following periods of difficulty or deep mental wounds. It can restore confidence even though you may feel down in the dumps, completely drained, and as though you may never feel confident again. Above all, bloodstone can not just restore you to a state of feeling like "yourself" again, but give you additional energy and strength to mold you into your best self.

How can Bloodstone help me heal physically?

The vitality conferred by the bloodstone yoni egg makes it one of the most powerful and potent stones when it comes to physical healing. Athletes and exercise fans benefit greatly from bloodstone, as it speeds up recovery from post-workout muscle soreness, exhaustion, and general sluggishness. Additionally, uniquely among the common yoni egg materials, bloodstone is effective when it comes to healing not just current injuries, but long-past ones which may still have lingering effects. Your bloodstone yoni egg can identify areas within your body which are still damaged by past injuries and illnesses, and can redirect the flow of vital energy to those areas in order to heal them.

How can Bloodstone help me heal spiritually?

Spiritually, bloodstone protects your soul as you travel between realms - including the physical realm, the astral realm and the realm of dreams. A bloodstone yoni egg will act as a loyal guardian of your spirit wherever it may travel and whatever journey it may choose to take. Your spirit will be safe within the protective aura of bloodstone, giving you the time and space needed to strengthen your spiritual identity and travel in needed directions.

What chakras are Bloodstone yoni eggs associated with?

Bloodstone is primarily associated with the root chakra, the lowest chakra of the body associated with the legs and the base of the spine. The root chakra controls balance and stability, and is also responsible for distributing energy throughout the other parts of the body, with the very bottom of the spine serving as the focal point from which energy radiates. By healing blockages found in the root chakra, bloodstone can restore your sense of balance and help you feel more stable and "get your feet underneath you" when life attempts to shake you, trip you, or cause you to stumble.

Can I use my Bloodstone yoni egg during meditation?

Yes! In fact, you should not attempt any astral or dream traveling during meditation without bringing your bloodstone yoni egg to protect you and serve as a shield, as well as helping to keep your spirit and your body firmly connected. Hold your bloodstone either within your yoni or placed against a key energy point, such as the base of your spine, as you exit your body and make the journey between realms and planes.

What do Carnelian yoni eggs symbolize?

Fiery, orange-red carnelian is the stone of magnification, possessing the unique ability to enhance and boost the powers and abilities of other yoni egg crystals. When used together with another yoni egg, a carnelian will make its effects significantly more powerful and long-lasting. However, this does not mean that carnelian is meaningless or without symbolism of its own. It is protective, creative, and vital, possessing a powerful positive energy which completely shuts out any negative energy sources around you.

What is the history of Carnelian?

Carnelian's beautiful color scheme led to it becoming popular and widely used practically as soon as it was discovered. It was first found in ancient Babylon, where it was used as a protective charm by warriors and members of the nobility alike. Uniquely, carnelian is one of the few yoni egg stones directly mentioned in the Christian Bible, with the warrior-priest Aaron, companion of Moses, who was identified as wearing carnelian on his armor to protect him in battle. Additionally, carnelian was used by alchemists because of its unique ability to enhance the energies of other crystals around it. Alchemists would boil carnelian and use the essence created to strengthen the other stones they worked with.

What are the mystical properties of Carnelian?

Of course, the most beneficial and powerful mystical property of carnelian is its magnification of all other stones. The powers of other yoni eggs can be doubled, tripled, or even multiplied times ten if used in conjunction with carnelian. However, carnelian should not be neglected as a source of creative energy, protection, and luck. Due to its connection with the sun, carnelian is associated with an extremely wide variety of positive properties.

Why is Carnelian a popular material for making yoni eggs?

Carnelian yoni eggs are a must-have ingredient in yoni egg sets, because of their ability to multiply the effects of other types of crystals such as jade, rose quartz, obsidian, and more. However, many women also appreciate carnelian yoni eggs for their unique benefits which they themselves provide without needing to pair them with any other stone. In particular, carnelian yoni eggs are used by people seeking inspiration for a creative project or a quick burst of creative energy to get them motivated.

How can Carnelian help me heal emotionally?

Carnelian is used to balance the emotions, quieting negative ones such as anxiety, fear and anger while enhancing natural positive emotions including creativity, curiosity, and a yearning to interact with the world around you. Many users of carnelian yoni eggs have delighted in their ability to eliminate negative feelings such as jealousy, paranoia, or sexual anxiety from their intimate relationships. Anyone seeking mental and emotional balance should choose a carnelian yoni egg.

How can Carnelian help me heal physically?

This vital, orange-red stone is primarily associated with two key elements of the functioning human body: the skin and the blood. In regards to the skin, carnelian can help alleviate problems including acne, boils, patches of discolored skin, and nosebleeds. On the inside of the body, carnelian can improve and regulate blood circulation and prevent and heal blood-related injuries such as burst vessels. Lastly, carnelian is associated with the elderly, as it can provide rejuvenating energy to individuals of all ages.

How can Carnelian help me heal spiritually?

Just as carnelian helps the blood in the physical body circulate with regularity and ease, it is also able to guide the flow of spiritual energy along the circuits and pathways of the body. Carnelian keeps your spiritual pathways open and is unparalleled in its ability to detect chakra blockages as soon as they occur. Additionally, the spiritual openness promoted by carnelian allows you to become more receptive and willing to receive love from those in your life who wish to share it with you - including friends, family and lovers.

What chakras are Carnelian yoni eggs associated with?

Carnelian is a stone which is generally effective at identifying and clearing up chakra blockages due to its association with the flow of blood and energy and the circulatory system. However, carnelian is generally most closely associated with the sacral chakra, the chakra which controls the sexual organs and the reproductive system. It encourages fertility, sexual potency, the pursuing of your passions and desires, and the ability to feel confident in your own sexuality.

Can you use your Carnelian yoni egg during meditation?

Yup! When meditating with a carnelian yoni egg on its own, it is generally recommended to use the inserted position, because of carnelian's connection to the sacral chakra and the reproductive system. However, you can also hold your carnelian yoni egg in your hands or against one of your chakra points when you are meditating with a different yoni egg in order to take advantage of the effect-magnification abilities of carnelian.

What do Labradorite yoni eggs symbolize?

Labradorite is the stone of healing, mysticism and the second sight. It gives of a deeply psychic vibration which can enhance the powers, abilities, and spiritual strength of the user. People who have begun their spiritual journeys and find themselves wishing to travel even further down the path to spiritual fulfillment and obtain a deeper understanding of their own psychic powers should choose a labradorite yoni egg to assist them in these efforts.

What is the history of Labradorite?

Labradorite was discovered by the Inuit people of Canada and is in fact named after the location in which it was first found: Labrador, Canada. It is part of a larger group of minerals called "feldspars" and typically appears in green, blue, or white colors with specks of deeper blue or gold sparkling beneath its surface. The Inuit strongly associated labradorite with the moon, and saw it as a source of deeply nurturing energy. Labradorite's beautiful coloration and strong psychic vibrations quickly led to it gaining extreme international popularity and spreading to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the lower parts of the Americas.

What are the mystical properties of Labradorite?

Labradorite identifies and enhances the existing psychic abilities of the user. It brings you to a greater understanding of yourself as a spiritual being and serves as a spiritual guide on your journey into awakening your second sight and connecting with the energies of the universe. In addition, labradorite possesses strong defensive and protective properties, keeping you safe from negative energy on any spiritual journeys which you choose to undertake. As you travel, your labradorite yoni egg will serve as both your compass and your shield.

Why is Labradorite a popular material for making yoni eggs?

Many yoni egg users choose labradorite to make them more spiritually open and receptive to the vibrations and effects of other yoni egg gemstones or crystals. Using a labradorite yoni egg can awaken your second sight and help you to understand exactly what you need and be able to select yoni eggs and crystals to suit your personal needs moving forward.

How can Labradorite help me heal emotionally?

This stone is capable of unlocking latent talents and can help creative, artistic individuals get "out of a rut" which they may feel "stuck" in. Labradorite is excellent at warding off and overcoming writer / artist's block and helping the brain generate ideas. Ideas and thoughts which may have been deeply buried will be allowed to float to the surface and come into the light with the assistance of a labradorite yoni egg. Additionally, labradorite can help with overcoming a fear of change and allow people to confront the next steps in their life's journey with confidence and eagerness.

How can Labradorite help me heal physically?

Labradorite is associated with the lungs and the flow of air through the body's systems. Due to this, it is particularly effective when it comes to helping people get over colds, bronchitis, sinus infections, and other respiratory-centered illnesses. Additionally, because labradorite enhances the body's natural talents and strength, regular users of a labradorite yoni egg will find themselves less susceptible to minor injuries and illnesses, and will heal more quickly when they do become sick. In particular, women report that labradorite can help lessen the severity of menstrual cramps and emotion-related PMS symptoms.

How can Labradorite help me heal spiritually?

In essence, labradorite is the "jack of all trades" when it comes to spiritual healing crystals. Instead of having any one particular strength, it is effective at a number of low-level tasks. It can ground you, spur creativity and the flow of ideas, protect against psychic attacks, and serve as a shield against toxic influences in your life. Labradorite is a handy, useful stone which is can assist you with any number of spiritual issues and problems.

What chakras are Labradorite yoni eggs associated with?

Due to its relationship with the lungs and the respiratory system, labradorite is primarily connected to the throat chakra. The throat chakra governs the voice and is connected with the ability to express oneself and speak one's mind. A healthy throat chakra leads to effective communication and the flow of ideas through the brain, while a blocked throat chakra can lead to feelings of being "stuck" and not being able to speak your mind or have your wishes be heard. When you feel like you've got a "lump" in your spiritual throat, use a labradorite yoni egg to clear this blockage and unlock your true creative self.

Can you use your Labradorite yoni egg during meditation?

Definitely! Meditating with a labradorite yoni egg inserted is the equivalent of giving your entire body a spiritual "bath" or cleanse. You can center and ground yourself, refresh your spiritual energy, identify and heal blocked chakras, and get in touch with your inner creative self as well as tapping into your self-confidence. Meditating with a labradorite yoni egg is particularly effective when you are experiencing illness, injury, or exhaustion, as it speeds up the natural healing processes of the body and can help you return to a state of greater health. In addition to the insertion position, you can meditate with a labradorite yoni egg held against your mouth/lips or throat to heal blockages affecting the throat chakra.

What do Amethyst yoni eggs symbolize?

Amethyst is a stone representing calmness and the ability to accept and like yourself as you currently are. Self-acceptance means both understanding your flaws and working towards improving them, but also being self-confident and acknowledging that you have many strengths and talent. Amethyst balances the two parts of self-acceptance and strengthens both within the user.

What do Quartz yoni eggs symbolize?

Quartz does not refer to a specific, singular stone but to a large grouping of crystals classified by their distinctive shape and beautiful, vivid colors. Rose quartz, the stone of love and passion, is considered a major yoni egg material and is discussed in greater detail in the section above. However, other types of quartz can also be found as yoni egg materials and each have their own unique meaning. Clear quartz represents awakening and the re-energization of the body, blue quartz enhances harmony with nature, red quartz and fire quartz ground the self and establish a deep connection with the Earth, and smokey and fairy quartz banish negative energy and re-tunes the vibrations of the spiritual aura.

What do Lapis Lazuli yoni eggs symbolize?

The deep, cool blue color of lapis lazuli contains great wisdom and is strongly connected to the vast, mysterious depths of the ocean. It represents the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom and the acceptance of inner truths, as well as strengthening one's connection to the seas and to water energy. A lapis lazuli yoni egg promises a deep, mystical, profound spiritual experience to anyone who uses it as part of their meditation routine.

What do Turquoise yoni eggs symbolize?

Turquoise is a calm stone representing serenity; stability can be found within the reassuring blue-green hues of turquoise. Its blend of colors also represents the balance between all parts of nature: land, sea and sky, the physical and the spiritual, the human and the animal and the spirit kingdoms. Choose turquoise if you wish to become a more calm, grounded individual who is more aware of the natural world which surrounds you.

What do Aquamarine yoni eggs symbolize?

Aquamarine is one of the most powerful stones when it comes to physical healing, as it is connected to all of the major internal organs as well as the hormones and key glands such as the pituitary and thyroid. It is a clear, pale, blue-green stone of purification, healing, and clarity. If you are at a low physical place in your life and need healing of your body before you move along your spiritual journey, reach out to an aquamarine yoni egg.

What do Agate yoni eggs symbolize?

Like quartz, agate does not refer to one stone but to a classification of stones which express a great variety of deep, vibrant colors. "Standard" agate is purple-pink in color and represents strength, and is capable of conferring great courage upon its user. The blue agate family, including such variations as holly blue and blue lace, instead confer a great mental strength and fortitude, rather than a physical-based courage. Lastly, the stunning red-hued fire agate is a stone of shielding, protecting its user against even the strongest and most intense of negative psychic attacks.

What do Amazonite yoni eggs symbolize?

Powerful green amazonite purges stresses from the body, leaving the user feeling refreshed and re-invigorated. They also assist with healing even the most powerful traumas, due to amazonite's ability to identify and purge buildups of negative energy. An incredibly powerful and effective stone, amazonite's strong effects repel all kinds of dangerous toxins both physical, mental, and spiritual in nature.

What do Garnet yoni eggs symbolize?

The deep, wine-colored tones of the garnet combine two of the most powerful crystal colors: red, representing love, strength, and passion, and blue, representing serenity, wisdom, and inner peace. This makes garnet an effective all-around stone which centers as it grants strength, keeps you calm as it enhances your fortitude and vigor, and brings you to a state of peace with yourself which encompasses both self-confidence and a sense of adventure and desire to journey onwards in your spiritual life. There is very little which this amazing stone cannot do, and a garnet yoni egg is recommended for absolutely anyone!

What do Green Aventurine yoni eggs symbolize?

Like many other green-colored stones, green aventurine yoni eggs represent calmness, in particular, entering a state of mental and emotional tranquility. Because of its unique ability to calm the mind and the heart at once, green aventurine has reported to be extremely effective when it comes to curing insomnia and helping people return to having regular, more restful nights of sleep. If you find yourself in a place where sleep is not coming easily to you, whether due to stress, overwork, or physical reasons, turn to a green aventurine yoni egg in your time of need.

What do Hematite yoni eggs symbolize?

Metallic, shiny hematite possesses one of the most eye-catching appearances of the standard yoni egg materials. It gleams a beautiful silver-like color, catching your eye from the moment it arrives on your doorstep. Because of its appearance, hematite has a strong connection to the mineral iron. It can aid you if you are suffering from an iron deficiency as well as assist with the healing of a number of other blood- and circulation-related health problems. Mentally, hematite is a vitalizing stone, granting powerful bursts of energy which can carry you through even the most stressful of days.

What do Lepidolite yoni eggs symbolize?

Sparkling, dappled lepidolite calms the brain and protects against overthinking and overanalyzing. If you find yourself experiencing racing thoughts, stress-related side effects such as headaches or insomnia, or a general inability to reach a state of calm even through yoga or meditation, it's time to seek out a lepidolite yoni egg. It will both heal your stress side effects and bring you to a state of acceptance with the world around you through the opening of your third eye chakra.

What do Mookaite yoni eggs symbolize?

Mookaite is a bold-colored stone, found primarily in Australia, which is considered to be a member of the jasper family. Its name comes from "Mooka," an ancient word meaning running waters, and it connects the user to the veins of energy and power which flow through the earth that surrounds them. It is a nature-focused stone which promotes a closeness with trees, animals, water, wind, and of course, the soil itself. It also enhances the instincts and strengthens the immune system.

What do Moonstone yoni eggs symbolize?

As its name suggests, moonstone is highly connected to the moon, which means that moonstone yoni eggs possess a powerful feminine energy and a deep, abiding connection to Mother Earth and the goddess energy. Women can unlock the true goddess which shines within them through the use of a moonstone yoni egg. It enhances psychic attunement, emotional stability, self-confidence, awareness of the world around you, and intuition. In addition, it can soothe menstrual cramps, lessen the emotional side effects of menstruation, and even provide you with strength during times of pregnancy and childbirth.

What do Onyx yoni eggs symbolize?

Onyx bears many similar properties to its fellow dark yoni egg stone, obsidian. It greatly enhances physical strength and stamina, giving you the ability to face any challenge which you may come across. It is primarily a protective stone, shielding you from psychic attacks, toxic influences and all other sources of negative energy in your life. If you choose an onyx yoni egg, take care to cleanse it regularly, as onyx absorbs high amounts of negative energy while carrying out its protective duties.

What do Opal yoni eggs symbolize?

Like quartz, jade and aventurine, opal is a stone which comes in a wide variety of colors, with each exhibiting slightly different properties and healing abilities. However, all types of opal have a relationship to creativity and awareness, sharpening the mind and making you more receptive to new ideas when they appear. Their physical healing abilities vary the greatest depending on color. For example, blue opals aid the respiratory system, fire opals combat exhaustion, and pink opal regulates the metabolism and the circulatory system.

What do Orange Calcite yoni eggs symbolize?

The orange and red calcites are a group of crystals associated with acceptance, understanding and acknowledging the traumas which you have experienced in your life while also being able to move past them and emerge stronger on the other side. Their deep, vital orange color is considered to be extremely reassuring, and possesses a connection to the sun and the flow of solar energy. As you look deep within the glossy surface of your orange calcite yoni egg, you might just catch a glimpse of the strong, healthy, confident, powerful person which you truly have the ability to become.

What do Red Aventurine yoni eggs symbolize?

Much like the similar-appearing red jasper, red aventurine yoni eggs possess a strong, primary connection to the earth and the life energies which surround us. It sparks creativity, granting inspiration and enhancing an existing desire to seek out prosperity, fame, and success as well as exploring all of the possibilities available to you. Physically, red aventurine is associated with both the blood and the five senses, improving circulation, strengthening vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, and warding off loss of sensory abilities in later ages.

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