Vibrating Panties: Secret Pleasure in Public Places

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Vibrators don’t always have to be long, cumbersome objects which need to be held and controlled manually the entire time. Some underwear is designed with a built-in vibrator for some extra fun without any of the effort. There are even vibrators which are designed to be attached to your existing panties or suitable to be worn with any style of underwear, so you don’t need an entirely new wardrobe for some fun on the move.

Vibrating Panties are a Thing?

I’ve covered a lot of different sex toys in my time as a writer, but vibrating panties had even managed to slip right under my nose. There are a few different styles available, but essentially, it’s a variation on wearing a bullet vibrator inside your underwear so that you can get some pleasure while you’re out and about. There are a few different styles available, and which you go for will depend on when and where you’re planning to use them.

The simplest of the bunch are regular underwear. To accommodate the vibrator, they’ll have a small pouch around the level of the clitoris. A small vibrator can be put in the pouch, and used whenever the mood strikes you.

Next up, there are devices designed to attach to existing underwear. There are many ways these are designed, some with magnets or clips. These ones are all vibrators in their own rights, and may be sold with or without underwear to accompany them.

The final variant, is the complete wearable. While these aren’t really related to the underwear themselves, they follow the same principle and are worn for much the same reason as vibrating underwear. These can either have their own harnesses or clips, or can be entirely stand-alone with an insert-able section so you can “wear” your vibrator.


So, with the specifics of vibrating panties out of the way, one of the first questions you might have is why? For some women, the thrill of being stimulated in public places is plenty of reason. You can use these vibrators anywhere, and as long as they are discreet and quiet enough, they can spice up almost any public situation. There’s even a variant available containing a microphone so when you’re out in the club you can “feel the music” in a completely new way.

A more common use though, is for people in relationships. Aside from the simplest kind of underwear which you throw any old vibrator in, most wearable underwear vibrators will have some kind of remote control. These usually come in one of two styles: A short range wireless vibrator, where the remote needs to be close to the vibrator for use, or a controlling app, which will be usable from anywhere in the world.

The former of these is great for couples who want to add a little excitement to their regular lives, as the one who isn’t wearing the vibrator will usually have the remote. This leaves the wearer at the mercy of another, not knowing when or where the pleasure waves will hit.

The latter are a great thing to keep the excitement going in a long-distance relationship. Having the ability to control your partners pleasure from anywhere on the planet can not only make things very exciting, but can also help keep the intimacy going in what is bound to be a trying time for any relationship.

Whichever kind of vibrator you decide to use, if you’re going to try it in public it’s important to be discreet. Don’t use it in places where it’s completely inappropriate, like a funeral or job interview. You never know when you won’t be able to hold it in any longer, so an escape route is always a good idea. It’s usually sensible to have a test run at home first too. If your vibrator sounds like a helicopter taking off then it’s going to be pretty obvious to those around you that something is going on. Keeping it quiet is half the fun, so there’s not much point if the noise from your vibrator is going to give you away the second you start it up!

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