Triple Point Prostate Massage Device
Triple Point Prostate Massage Device
Triple Point Prostate Massage Device
Triple Point Prostate Massage Device

Triple Point Prostate Massage Device

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Eating three of your favorite ice cream flavors at the same time can give you a foodgasm. Likewise, simultaneously pressing three of your body's erogenous body parts can give you a different kind of orgasm. And to help you achieve that, here's our Triple Point Prostate Massage Device.

Your P-spot, anus, and perineum - three areas in your body that contain thousands of sensitive nerve endings. While you can stimulate them all simultaneously using your hands or fingers, doing so can be tedious, and not to mention, messy. But don't worry because our Triple Point Prostate Massage Device is here to do that dirty work for you. This sex toy features three shafts of different sizes that can sit comfortably in between your butt cheeks, allowing you to use this for long wear if that's what you desire. The bulbous shaft has enough length to go deep into your backdoor and tickle your walnut. While this tickler massages your prostate, the smallest bit will excite your anus.

On the opposite side is another probe that will excite your perineum. This ergonomic design is perfect for both newbies and average users. It has a flat base so you can wear it beneath your underwear. Leave it there for long hours to train your butt or just for the pleasure of it. During your solo-time, you can wear it while you're sitting on your couch watching your favorite porn. Gently stroke your hard cock and scrotum, and each touch will feel gratifying. You can even see your prostate milk come out more than once, before the finale, your jizz cums out.

Always lubricate liberally using lots of water-based lube. Keep your toy clean and odor-free by consistently washing it with warm water and mild soap before and after use.

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Color Purple
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 4.53 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.98 inch