The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager
The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager
The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager
The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager
The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager

Fisting is a delicate sex act wherein the fister inserts his entire hand into the submissive's anal canal and punches it rhythmically. Only professionals must execute this play as it involves delicate movements of hands, breathing concentration of the sub, and right positioning to bed. Even if several people want to try it, only a few can do it correctly.

If you see yourself as a sub in the future, then The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager is your baby step guide. It's a fist-shaped butt plug used to stimulate and titillate your prostate until you jizz with fountain of loads from extreme pleasure. Its closed fist shape also resembles that of a real one, but on a relatively smaller scale, making it a perfect training ground for fishing activities.

Its slick and shiny textures are its useful attributes for a pain-free and smooth entry to the butt. And as its base material is stainless steel with a near-frictionless finish, you are sure that your sensitive skin is safe from scratches and bruising. Each finger on the figure will undoubtedly add rough bumps to the inner walls of the rectum, making each stroke a euphoric experience.

To start using the toy, you need to apply a generous amount of water-based lube onto the surface of this tool and into your sphincter. Poke your hole with your index and middle fingers to dilate it a little. Insert the curled index finger of the prostate massager into your a-hole, then slowly push the entire fist inside.

Once everything's in place, push it in and twist it inside, then pull it out from the hole, then dot it many times. You are now a novice to the fisting world! And when you're about to cum, release that gooey, milky cum while the tool is getting out from your asshole to experience that incredible explosion!

As you've already jizzed, pay tribute to your device and clean it after. Wash it with water and mild soap, then sterilize it. Completely dry it, then store it in a wet-free container. Reuse the toy as often as necessary.

Great things come from small beginnings. If you want to be a pro someday, start with The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Total Length - 3.46 inches (88 mm)
Wrist to Arm - 1.02 inches (26 mm)
Fist - 1.26 inches (32 mm)
Base - 1.46 inches (37 mm)


The Iron Fist Steel Prostate Massager

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