Realistic Fox Tail Butt Plug 18 Inches Long


Do you want to explore the other side of BDSM without the usual stuff like restraints and whips? Why not try pet play and use our Realistic Fox Tail Butt Plug 18 Inches Long as part of your scenario?

This sex toy will indulge your partner's animal instincts! The plug features a realistic foxtail that can transform your lover into a wild and sexy beast. As the tail brushes against your partner's thighs, it stimulates her senses, leading to a better orgasm. It can also enhance your libido...because let's be honest here; who doesn't get aroused when you see a sexy ass swaying in front of you with a tail plug on it? Exactly! This sex toy can stimulate your sexual desire, which leads to a mind-blowing, cum-exploding sex play.

The plug also features an ergonomic shape. It has a smooth teardrop-shaped head, a slim stem, and a flat base. The teardrop-shaped design offers comfortable insertion to the wearer.

Meanwhile, the round bottom secures the tail plug. It prevents the sex toy from getting inserted fully into the anus.

Our Realistic Fox Tail Plug is made from high-grade stainless steel, which makes this toy durable and adaptable to temperature. It is also non-porous, lubricant-safe, and easy to clean.

The best part? Anyone can use this sex toy! Single ladies and gays can shove this plug up their tushies for a more exciting sexual experience.
You can also wear it as part of your costume when attending a fetish event. We guarantee you; all eyes will be on you once they see your wagging tail as you enter the kinky party!

Indeed, our Realistic Fox Tail Butt Plug 18 Inches Long is your perfect choice to spice up your intimate moments. Grab this plug now and experience a one-of-a-kind sexcapade of your life!

Color Brown
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Faux Fur
Plug: Metal


handle: 16.14 in.
plug: 2.75 in.


handle: N/A
plug: 1.06 in.