3" Bunny Tail Stainless Steel Plug

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Do you want to be as frisky as a rabbit? Then put on those long ears and complete the look with our 3" Bunny Tail Stainless Steel Plug! As playful as the cute, cuddly creature, the tail comes in a variety of vivid colors.

Aesthetically pleasing, it also feels great in the ass. Made for stimulating anal play, the tail plug is a little less than inch wide. And because it's crafted from stainless steel, it's solid, weighty, and rigid. It won't flex and won't conform with your curves, so if you're an experienced anal enthusiast, you'll find it sensually appealing. Though it doesn't flex, its smoothness is comfortably soothing. So feel free to fill up your bum and reach regions where pleasure awaits to be discovered. Whatever your gender or sexual orientation is, as long as you have a rear hole to explore, this plug for the butt will give you thrills.

Its tapered tip eases insertion, and the properly-sized slender neck makes extended wear comfortable. The flat, round base is wide enough to prevent the plug from going deeper into your rectum. On the bottom of the base is a furry, ball-shaped tail made of faux fur. This sticks out of your bum, tickling your bare butt cheeks and enticing your partner to do non-stop humping with you! While you have this tail on, shake your booty in front of your honey to make him go nuts with lust!

The rim of your anus is a treasure trove of nerve endings, so the insertion part is already stimulating. Make every inch glide pleasurably with the help of lube. Apply around the opening of your rear hole and on the plug as well. Once in, you can have sex! And when your booty is stretched, it's ready to take in bigger pleasures!

Don't ignore your bum. Give it the best treatment it needs for your orgasmic bliss. Buy now!
Color Handle: Rosy Red, White, Light, Blue. Black, Yellow, Pink
Plug: Silver
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Faux fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 3.14 in (8 cm)
plug: 4.5 in (11. 5 cm)
handle: N/A
plug: 0.98 in (2.5 cm)