17" Brown Wolf Tail Stainless Steel Plug
17" Brown Wolf Tail Stainless Steel Plug
17" Brown Wolf Tail Stainless Steel Plug
17" Brown Wolf Tail Stainless Steel Plug
17" Brown Wolf Tail Stainless Steel Plug
Be a wild, furry beast in the bedroom and unleash your animal instincts. When you're fierce and free without inhibitions, sex will be so much more thrilling! Prance about and show off your new sexy accessory⁠—the 17" Brown Wolf Tail Stainless Steel Plug.

A tail long enough to drape over your shapely thighs, it will make you look irresistibly ravishing, especially if you wear nothing except this tail plugged in your butt. Soft and fluffy, the brown tail will swing and bounce as you sway your hips and shake your butt. Get more swag by twerking to show off your booty. Made of quality faux fur, it won't irritate your skin and will surely last long when given proper care. Getting frisky has never been better than this!

Your willing prey will not resist nor run away. Instead, he'll surrender to your charm and would do anything just for you to settle down and make love to him. For sure, he won't be able to resist tugging your tail, but don't worry. It won't fall off because the metal plug will keep it in place. The plug comes in three sizes to meet different needs. If you're a newbie, pick the small-sized variant. Go for medium if you've been enjoying anal play for quite some time now. Expert and experienced? Go for the large butt plug!

The plug is crafted from stainless steel. It's hard, solid, and heavy, but it's super smooth. Use your favorite lube because it's compatible with all. Unlike silicone or plastic, it doesn't need a lot, so your bottle of lubricant will last. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, there surely is one that suits your needs!

Grab one for yourself and another for your partner. Together, roam free like wild, unrestrained wolves chasing and pursuing orgasmic pleasure!

Color Tail: Brown
Plug: Silver
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Faux Fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 16.5-17.7 in
S: 2.95in (7.5 cm)
M: 3.35in (8.5)
L: 3.74in (9.5 cm)
handle: N/A
S: 1.10in (2.8cm)
M: 1.38in (3.5 cm)
L: 1.61in (4.09 cm)

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17" Brown Wolf Tail Stainless Steel Plug

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