Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump
Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump
Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump
Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump
Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump
Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump

As a working adult, you now have everything you wished for—a house and lot, a luxury car, and a long-time partner. But you desire for something else—a big, massive dick that you think will complete you. It frustrates you. You can afford to undergo a penile elongation surgery, but you choose not to, as you want to enlarge your cock as discreetly as possible.

You can make it happen, just the way you want it, and no one shall know your little secret. With the Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump, you can turn your frustration into a dream come true in just a few minutes every day.

Make it a habit to exercise your dick and get your desired increase in your junk's length and girth with regular use. With hypoallergenic materials such as ABS and silicone, and with the accurate dimensions of this toy, you can conveniently include this in your everyday bath routine.

To use it, make sure to shave your pubic hair and place this toy over your penis. Also, ensure that the silicone part—the one colored either flesh, blue or red, depending on your cock's original girth—is in contact with your skin to prevent the air from hissing from the transparent cylindrical tube. Squeeze the pump to suck the air and to pressurize the vacuum. Adjust the pressure by turning the valve once your dick feels uneasy. Release the air inside once you're happy with the outcome, and, optionally, use a cock ring to maintain the hardness of your dick.

This mechanism works by asphyxiating the cock through air pressure. By doing so, the veins are getting clogged, and the blood remains in the penis' blood vessels. This constriction results in a swelling-looking dick, making it look bigger than its original form. And as other users say, they have noticed a big difference in their penis' size with regular use compared to the first time they used this device.

Before and after each use, wash it with water and mild soap. Dry it by patting a dry towel on it, then maintain its newness by storing it in a cool, dry place.

You've worked your ass off, intensively and extensively, to achieve what you have now. It's time to treat yourself and your wellness with the Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump—the device that will enlarge your cock. Get one now!


Color Tube: Transparent
Pump: Black
Cap: Flesh, Blue, Red
Material ABS + Silicone
Dimension Length: 9.25 inches (23.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.56 inches (6.5 cm)


Intensive Manual Sucker Dick Pump

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