Glass Crystal Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 17 inches long


Looking for something to take your anal sex adventures to even greater heights? Check out our Glass Crystal Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 17 inches long. It’s one of our latest offerings that’s fast becoming popular with both the ladies and men.

Made of body safe and skillfully smoothed down the glass, this Glass Crystal Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 17 inches long is your next best friend. Insertable diameter is about 1.2 inches with a length of approximately 3.9 inches. There are four different colors for you to choose from – Gold, Green, Black and Transparent. The tail is made of high-quality faux fur – soft, long and naughty.

When it comes to inserting toys up your butt, you simply can’t go wrong with glass, stainless steel or silicone. This baby is made of glass so expect a bit more weight than the usual Silicone butt plug. It’s easy to clean and works well with just about any kind of lube so feel free to slather as much as you want to ensure pain-free and seamless insertion.

Use our Glass Crystal Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 17 inches long to train your butt for anal sex, to tease the wild sex Goddess out of your partner or simply to give pleasure to yourself after a long day’s work. It’s truly the perfect addition to your sex toy collection. Grab one for yourself or give it away as a gift to someone special in your life. Nothing like a premium quality sex toy to bring out the sparkle in your beloved partner’s eyes, right?

You don’t have to have a fetish for animal themed sex play to enjoy everything that our Glass Crystal Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 17 inches long has to offer. For as long as you keep an open mind, you’ll surely find ways to enjoy every pleasure that this fine sex toy has to offer.


Plug: Golden, Green, Black, Transparent

Tail: Brown

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Faux Fur

Plug: Glass



handle: 10.6 inches

plug: 3.9 inches


handle: N/A

plug: 1.2 inches