Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll
Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll
Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll
Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll
Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll
Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll

Young and fresh, Giorgio is the dream guy to be quarantined with. With him in your place, never will you ever get bored because he'll seduce you with his sexy moves. This lad is a male stripper who has captivated the heart of varied audiences. He enjoys the attention he gets, and his charm is overpowering. Dare to stare at his expressive eyes, and you are under his spell.

With his six-pack abs and toned muscles, he's a heart throbber. Despite his good looks, he's not arrogant. He's a fine gentleman who will give whatever pleases you in bed. Run your fingers through his thick hair while you pump on his cock!

"I grew up in the countryside where people live a simple life. My parents are farmers, and when I was a boy, I tended cattle and pigs. When I was 15, a man approached me and offered me a modeling job. I was so young and gullible, so I went with him to LA only to become a male stripper/prostitute. Since I didn't know anyone in the city and had no money to go back to my parents, I had no choice but to sell my body to survive. I have come to love the job because of its perks. With my few years in this hospitality industry, I know exactly how to make you happy," says Giorgio.

Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll is made of high-quality TPE, which makes him feel realistic to the touch. Throughout his body is a steel skeleton with movable joints that make him flexible, allowing you to enjoy different sex positions with him. He isn't high maintenance, as you can dress him up minimally. What he needs is regular cleaning to keep him fresh and blemish-free.

Not only will he smile at you every day, but he'll also make sure that you get your daily dose of sanity. Take him home now!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height- 66.93 inches (170 cm)
Bust- 30.71 inches (78 cm)
Waist: 27.17 inches (69 cm)
Hip: 31.60 inches (80 cm)
Penis: 9.06 inches (23 cm)
Weight: 88.18 lbs. (40 kg)


Giorgio: Male Stripper Sex Doll

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