Furry Gray Cat Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long


Reigniting your sexual prowess has a lot of benefits for you and your partner.  Discovering new sexual adventures together may be very rewarding as well as a great way to have intimacy with your partner. You will have the chance to communicate with each other as you take on a new sex toy or act.

Try on our Furry Gray Cat Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long. Made from premium steel, you are sure that using this will be very easy and safe.  The smooth surface of this toy will allow for very easy insertion with the help of a water-soluble lube.  You can even try on a kinky game of temperature play where you add a little warmth or chill on the plug and then rub the toy on the sensitive areas of the body!  Imagine the tingling sensation it will give your sensitive areas! 

One of the notable differences of a plain dildo to a butt plug is that it has a flared base. This will help in making sure that the toy does not wander off into the anal canal making it dangerously difficult to get. With this plug, you can enjoy hands-free anal play to make your fingers stimulate other sensitive areas of the body.  The base is also attached to a very lush synthetic cat fur that will be a nice detail to add into your animal role-playing.

This plug is versatile and can be used to give life, not only to your anal play, but also a nice touch for foreplay.  Just insert the plug into your ass; give or receive a good tongue action with your partner.  All sensations will be magnified as you are being stimulated simultaneously in different erogenous areas!

Stay connected with your lover and grab this amazing butt plug now, you know you want to!

Color Gray
Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:  13.82 inches

Plug:  2.72 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug:  1.06 inches