Beaded Dual-Ring Hollow Urethral Sound
Beaded Dual-Ring Hollow Urethral Sound
Beaded Dual-Ring Hollow Urethral Sound
Beaded Dual-Ring Hollow Urethral Sound

Savor unique sensations you've never felt before with our Beaded Dual-Ring Hollow Urethral Sound.

Shiny, elegant, and tough, this hollow urethral sound will surely deliver the immense pleasure that you and your woman will take delight in. Your urethral opening is packed with 4,000 nerve endings that, when stimulated, will result in an explosive orgasm. The length and width, ideal for beginners and experienced urethral players alike, will awaken those extra-sensitive nerves, magnifying every brush or stroke on the outside skin of your penis.

Armed with a penis ring, it's a penis plug built for your maximum satisfaction. This ring, which is available in two different diameters, 0.98" and 1.18", will give your cock a nice squeeze. With the right tightness gripping your dick, you'll be euphoric as every stimulation feels intense and luxurious. Putting the ring on your cock will also guarantee a much harder and bigger erection, ready to gratify the insatiable desires of any Delilah in town. Give her a night of overwhelming happiness with a lasting erection. What's more, the ring makes magnificent bling while ensuring the metal rod stays in place.

The cum-thru hole is another great feature of this penis plug as it allows extended wear. Convenience is the primary offering of this hole, as you don't need to take it off when you need to pee and put it back again. As well, you don't have to worry about retrograde ejaculation as the hole will let profuse secretion of semen flow freely.

With a penis plug magnificently designed, you'll have a wonderful time during your "me time" or booty time with your partner. Just makes sure to keep your toy germ-free, and everything that will touch it is sanitized. Also, take your time and be gentle to avoid hurting your urethra.

Experience sex the way it should be: sublime, decadent, and sensual. Buy the Beaded Dual-Ring Hollow Urethral Sound today and look forward to exciting sex adventures ahead!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Penis Plug with ring
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.36”(insertable length)
Width: 0.31”, Ring: 0.98” and 1.18”


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Beaded Dual-Ring Hollow Urethral Sound

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