Anal Wellness Therapy Prostate Massager
Anal Wellness Therapy Prostate Massager
Anal Wellness Therapy Prostate Massager
Anal Wellness Therapy Prostate Massager
Anal Wellness Therapy Prostate Massager

The weekend is here, and you finally have the chance to indulge in the good stuff. Choose your weapon well, and don't let anything stop you. If your partner is not around, don't fret because we have the perfect toy for you.

Let our Anal Wellness Therapy Prostate Massager give you a weekend you won't forget! This beauty will treat you with the best feeling of comfort and sexual amusement to sustain you for days to come!

This model has two patterns of shafts for you to choose from. Pattern A has a pointed tip for a different kind of feeling when it hits the right areas. On the other hand, Pattern B has a more rounded tip, for that sweet blow as you push this in and out of your ass.

Don't get too excited, though, as anal stimulation should be done at a paced rate. Be sure to wash your dildo in running water, so no harmful bacteria remain on the toy's surface. Set the mood right, and don't forget good foreplay to ease the insertion. Your ass does not have natural lubrication, so better pack on your water-soluble lube for more comfortable action.

This piece is made of quality silicone and ABS, so you enjoy that stretchable feeling with the right kinds of hardness. Both of these materials are hypoallergenic so that you can play in confidence with a secure medium.

Give your play a little pop of action and activate the vibration options. Breeze through the ten kinds of massages that will give your session, effortless, extra kick that will elevate it to the next level.

After your sexcapade, don't forget to rewash this toy before storing it on a separate container. Tuck it away from direct sunlight that can harm its material.

Enjoy a sensational weekend with this lovely toy. Add this piece to your purchase today.

Color Black
Material Silicone ABS
Dimension Length: A- 7.68 inches (195 mm) B- 7.68 inches (195 mm)
Width/Diameter: A- 1.53 inches (39 mm) B- 1.53 inches (39 mm)


Anal Wellness Therapy Prostate Massager

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