Prostate Massagers

Everyone deserves to enjoy their sex lives, and men are no different! Unfortunately, many men across the globe spend their entire lives doing the same old things with their penis. Little do they know that there's a whole new world of male sex a short way inside their body.

We are, of course, talking about the prostate gland. This little gem is found within a man's pelvic region, around two or three inches from the bottom of his torso. While younger guys might never have heard of this gland, older men may be more familiar with it thanks to prostate exams. Many men of different ages don't know that the prostate gland is an incredible source of sexual pleasure.

By stimulating the walnut-sized gland with sex toys, men can experience a completely different kind of pleasure. These feelings are unlike any stimulation you'd normally feel when masturbating, and if you practice, you may even be able to have a prostate orgasm! This is an extremely intense, full-body experience, which doesn't cause a refractory period, so men can even experience multiple orgasms.

Stimulating the prostate is no easy task though. The easiest way to access the gland is by inserting a finger into the anal canal. Even if you manage to find the gland, it is tough to control your finger well enough to stimulate it effectively. To make things easier, it can be helpful to use a prostate stimulator.

These tools are specifically designed to fit a man's anatomy and provide the gland with targeted and intense stimulation. Each toy is different, and you'll need to spend some time finding your favorite. Silicone or metal, manual or vibrating, powerful and intense or gentle and tingly, simple or filled with attachments to make things even better. Whatever you choose, the only certain thing is you're in for the time of your life!

So read on, and find out exactly what you should be looking out for and what exactly makes these prostate massagers so good.

What Are Prostate Massagers?

These are straightforward adult toys, which shouldn't be too hard for any man to use. Most are shaped roughly like the letter J and simply have one insert-able part and a base to prevent it from traveling too far inside your body. They are very similar to a butt plug and are often classed as a type of butt plug.

Each massager is designed to specifically target the prostate gland, and its shape reflects this. Most have a curved body, which helps make sure it will feel good while it rubs up and down during a massage. You'll have many choices, so you might not find the perfect one the first time. Researching different models and designs can be worth it, as each can have different attachments, shapes, and even unique vibration patterns!

Even if you’ve tried prostate play with your fingers before, using one of these devices can make it much easier to target the gland and feel the pleasure that comes with it. You also leave your hands free, so you can typically enjoy much longer prostate massages!

It’s not something everyone will enjoy, but the potential orgasms can be so intense and enjoyable that we would thoroughly recommend every man to try out a prostate massager at least once. You’ll never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t try!

Every Man Should Try a Massager!

While the device itself is quite a simple toy, using one is anything but. Countless men will simply never try one just because they're embarrassed, it's weird, or they just aren't comfortable putting things inside their body.

It's important for men to become comfortable experimenting with their bodies, after all, we deserve as much sexual pleasure as possible! Unfortunately, it can be hard for men to truly relax and explore themselves. This is especially true, as most prostate play is a form of butt play.

We must stress, there is absolutely nothing gay about a man exploring his anal canal and reaching orgasm through this stimulation. While our society may often like to shame these men, they are actually some of the bravest and adventurous souls, trying anything on offer to find something that feels good.

Things You Might Feel During a Prostate Massage

If you've been thinking about using an anal toy, then one thing will certainly be on your mind. What does it feel like? This isn't an easy question to answer, and what you feel if you only use it one time will be massively different from what it will feel like if you keep using and practicing with the toy.

Most commonly, people describe a “full” feeling, where the massager is taking up a large space inside your body. This is commonly felt with many different kinds of anal toys and can be very pleasurable. In fact, many people like to buy larger and larger toys just so this full feeling can become more and more intense!

Another very common feeling while using a massager is that you’ll need to pee. This is thanks to the prostate serving as a valve to help control which fluids exit the body. In all situations except ejaculation, the prostate usually allows fluid from the bladder to make its way into the urethra and out of the body.

When stimulating the prostate though, you’ll be pushing prostatic fluid towards the urethra instead. The prostate produces this fluid and is normally released during ejaculation to help protect the sperm on its journey to a female egg. When stimulating it, the fluid is released on its own, without any sperm.

This makes it feel a lot like you’re going to pee yourself!

Luckily, this isn’t really the case, and a big part of enjoying this kind of anal stimulation is learning to let go, and allow this fluid to pass out of the body rather than holding it in.

While the above examples are both physical sensations you might feel, you might also notice psychological sensations.

Many people still find the anus a bit of a taboo area and something that we shouldn’t really be exploring. This can make any kind of anal stimulation exciting, as you’re exploring something that is a bit “wrong” or “dirty”. These feelings can amp up the experience, as doing these naughty things can turn people on even more!

Benefits of Prostate Stimulation

For many men, the notion that they can have an orgasm, unlike those found during regular sex, will be enough to convince them. However, regular use of a prostate massager can positively affect your health and your life. These can include:

  • Reduced risk of prostate cancer: While not confirmed, regular prostate stimulation is thought to reduce your risk of contracting prostate cancer later in life.
  • Can help with erectile dysfunction: By regularly performing prostate massage, it is thought that the entire pelvic region will have improved blood flow. This increased blood flow can help with both gaining and maintaining an erection.
  • Reduced prostatitis: As a man ages, the prostate gland naturally grows larger and larger. This can cause some health problems throughout your life. By milking it, much of the prostatic fluid which builds up inside the gland is released, allowing it to return to a smaller size.
  • Less painful ejaculation: If you suffer from painful ejaculation, then there's a chance that some of your internal pipework is suffering from a blockage. Massaging the gland can help pass these blockages and return your inner workings to their previous pain-free state.
  • Improved urine flow: As the prostate gland naturally grows when a man ages, it can reach the point where it puts a large amount of pressure on the urinary tract. This can make it difficult or even impossible to urinate. Maintaining the gland with regular massages can reduce this pressure and help you urinate normally again.
  • It feels good! Exploring it can be a fun and enjoyable experience! Any release of dopamine or endorphins can help lower your stress and generally improve your well-being.


Unlike other toys, it’s a little more difficult to divide prostate massagers into easy categories that clearly tell you the differences between them. Many will sing the praises of popular models, such as the Lelo Hugo, Lelo Loki wave, or the famed Aneros helix syn or Aneros progasm.

Focusing only on these popular products though can deprive you of a whole world of pleasure. Instead, we should talk about the features each product can have, as these will play a large part in your decision of which one to buy.


We’ll start with the most basic style of this sex toy, as this will serve as a good baseline to build upon. At its core, the anal massager is simply a smooth, curved, waterproof butt plug like toy, which is thinner at the tip and the base, and fatter in the middle.

It will also have some kind of base to prevent it from traveling further into the anal canal and getting lost. These toys are the most suitable for beginners.


This basic body can have many different variants, including bumps, ridges, or even ball-shaped sections along the main body of the massager. Each bump is meant to stimulate different parts of your prostate or press on it in different ways. Some will even be shaped like a penis!

Each of these different styles will feel unique when you wear them inside your body, so you may need to try many different ones before finding your perfect massager.


Another common feature included in lots of different prostate stimulators is the second protruding arm. This sits outside your body, and while you wear the massager, it also rubs and applies pressure to the perineum. This gives you an external massage at the same time as an internal prostate massage!

Not everyone enjoys the additional arm, as it sits outside your anus so it can make the toy a lot bulkier. This can be irritating if you plan to wear your toy for a long period of time or spend a lot of time sitting down while wearing it. Again though, it’s best to try it yourself and see what you think.


In place of perineum massage arms, some prostate massagers instead include an arm with a cock ring on the end of it. This slides over your penis and sits tightly near its base, lightly restricting the blood flow moving in and out of the penis.

Choosing a massager with a cock ring attached makes it much easier to maintain an erection. This is especially useful if you enjoy butt play but are one of the unlucky people who lose their erection as soon as something enters your anal canal.


These are a little harder to describe, but you’ll know them when you see them. Double or upper curved prostate massagers look a little more like an S-shape than the traditional curve.

The point of this kind of massager is that they can apply much more pressure to the prostate thanks to the unique angle they touch it from. So if you enjoy particularly intense prostate massages, you might enjoy one of these prostate stimulators.

Prostate toys featuring this design can be much more intense, so experienced users will generally find them more enjoyable.


One distinction that will make the most difference to men is whether or not they buy a vibrating prostate massager. This tends to be a separate decision to all of the other features, as nearly all styles of massager also have a vibrating variant.

Vibration can be hugely enjoyable if you simply want to sit back and feel the vibe, and let the massager do all of the work for you. Most even come with remote control, so once you insert your vibrating massager, all you'll need to do is enjoy the waves of pleasure washing over you. These are usually rechargeable and can be great for partner play. Simply hand them the remote and enjoy losing yourself as they control your pleasure.

However, for some people, it’s simply far too much. The intense vibrations are overwhelming for the sensitive prostate gland, and after using it for a short while, you will often become dulled to the sensations.

Another point often brought up is that men tend to have an easier time reaching prostate orgasm using non-vibrating models. While a vibrating one can feel amazing and can still greatly increase the intensity of your penile orgasms, they just don’t seem to be the ideal tool for prostate orgasms.


The final feature we’re going to discuss is one not found commonly. Some prostate massagers can be used with electro-stimulation equipment to provide small electric shocks while you wear them!

While this isn’t going to be something everyone enjoys, this can be the best sexual stimulation they ever feel for some men. Each shock can send waves of pleasure through your body and leave you begging for more.

As always, we advise caution when using electrical stimulation on any sensitive sexual organ. Make sure you do your research and know exactly what you’re doing before you start.


Alongside the various options for the build and design of your massager, you’ll also need to look through the various materials on offer and decide which one you want to try.

Generally, there are three important materials: silicone, stainless steel, and glass.


Silicone is the most common material used in nearly all adult toys. It’s a non-porous material which is easy to clean, lasts a long time, and has a soft texture that people love.

You also gain the benefit of color choice when you choose a silicone toy, as they can come in almost any colour you can imagine!

Of the different options available for massagers, silicone is definitely the most flexible, and it can easily flex and bend to suit the natural shape of your body.


Stainless steel prostate stimulators are almost all silver, as this is the color of the metal itself. These are some of the most hard-wearing prostate toys, as stainless steel is very tough to damage. It is also non-porous, which makes it easy to clean and doesn’t harbor large amounts of bacteria.

Thanks to their firm and hard nature, these are much less forgiving. Once you’ve inserted them, they won’t bend or flex, meaning that they can place much more intense pressure on your prostate. You can also warm it up, or cool it down, letting you experiment with yet more unique sensations during your prostate massages.


The final common material is glass. Glass toys put many people off because they might break inside you during masturbation, feel sharp, or just be a little too scary to use. This shouldn’t be the case though!

All good quality glass toys are made with borosilicate glass, which means it’s incredibly tough and not likely to break. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should start throwing it around or dropping it, but in general, everyday use, glass toys are very unlikely to break.

They also carry the unique benefit of being see-through, which can be a massive turn on for the more voyeuristic among you. Rather than just feeling your anal canal being stretched open, you can see it too!

Just like stainless steel prostate stimulators, ones made of glass will be very firm and able to apply a lot of pressure to your prostate. They can also be heated up or cooled down, but make sure you don’t go over the top or they may shatter.

Using a Prostate Massager

Like any other kind of anal toy, we advise that you take this process slowly and carefully to avoid any unnecessary pain or discomfort. The best strategy is to simply start with the tip of the toy, push it slightly inside, then take a rest.

Resting allows your body to get used to the sensation of having an object in your anal canal and gives the sphincter muscles further time to relax.

Once you feel ready, push a little deeper and take another rest. Keep repeating this process until you’ve managed to get the entire toy inside.

With many anal massagers, you’ll often find that it becomes much easier after you get it about halfway inside. This is because they are usually fatter in the middle, with a thinner tip and base section. So once you get past the middle, you’ll no longer be stretching your sphincters and the toy becomes easier to insert!

If you feel any pain or significant discomfort while inserting your prostate massager, you should take a break and remove the toy. Pain is our body's way of telling us that something is wrong. Often this will be a simple thing, such as not using enough lube or trying to insert the toy at a strange and uncomfortable angle.

Other times though, pain can be a sign of a larger problem, and you should thoroughly check your anus for signs of damage or bleeding. If you notice anything wrong, discontinue your use of adult toys until your body has fully recovered.


Although massaging the prostate and releasing some of the built-up prostatic fluid can be good for your health, many people will have a different goal in mind while using them. They want to experience a prostate orgasm.

These orgasms are unlike regular penile orgasms. They can be much more intense and send waves of pleasure all over your body, rather than just being focused on the penis. Many comparisons are drawn to the orgasms women have, which often leads to the prostate being referred to as the P-spot or male G-spot.

P-spot orgasms also don’t activate the refractory period in men. This period is why most men, after having an orgasm, will no longer be aroused and quickly lose any erections. It takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to several hours for men to recover from the refractory period and continue having sex.

Without the refractory period, men can keep on having orgasms, just like women!

Unfortunately, there’s no simple guide to reaching a p-spot orgasm. Every man will have his own experience, and some men, despite trying for years, will never be able to reach this holy grail.

Some things that may help include: moving the massager around while it’s inside your body, which forces it into different positions, walking or moving around while wearing it, or even stimulating other erogenous zones while wearing it.

It’s important to leave your penis alone though! In most cases, the extra stimulation will make your erections and ejaculation much stronger. But as soon as you start playing with your penis, it can be difficult to stop, and if you have a regular orgasm, your arousal will quickly drain. This is a sure way to end any chance of reaching prostate orgasm.

If you find it a struggle to sit back and relax while manually manipulating your toy, then a vibrating massager can be a great suggestion. These can let you sit back and relax, and learn which feelings you like before trying a manual one for more targeted anal stimulation.

The most important thing is to simply experiment and explore your own body and stay as relaxed as possible. Focus on the pleasurable sensations coming from your prostate, and allow them to spread throughout your body.


Choosing an anal massager can be a tough challenge. There are so many different ones out there, and every person has different opinions on the “best prostate massagers”. While many will sing the praises of the Aneros helix syn or the Lelo Loki wave, you might find that you enjoy yourself just as much with a less popular model!

It’s definitely worth taking the time to think carefully about the many different elements we’ve discussed in the course of this page. The difference between an average massager and the perfect massager can be the difference between an enjoyable massage and a mind-blowing orgasm!

The easiest way to figure out which massager is right for you is simply by thinking about what you'd like to get out of the experience. Are you just starting out and looking for something to start exploring your prostate? Or are you more experienced and looking to increase the results from your existing massage experience?

Do you want the vibrating ones, which can take care of all the stimulation while you just sit back and relax? Or do you want a manual one, and feels good when you use your hand to move it back and forth?

If you happen to take a dip with a partner or flying solo, this waterproof baby will give you some steamy session into the bath or shower.
These toys are the most suitable for beginners.

Take some water-based lubricant with a pain-relieving component and take this waterproof banger in the shower for some wet and wild fun!

You might even want to start things off with a simple butt plug. Some people find that the stimulation from some of the more specialized or "premium prostate massagers" to be more than a little overwhelming, so using a more generic toy can help you figure out what you like, before choosing one more suited to your needs.

Consider what is important to you, then look for a massager that can help you achieve these things. You should never rush into a purchase just because of the price or review you read. Each massager will have its own plus points and drawbacks. If you buy just an old one, chances are it isn't going to stimulate you in the way you want it to, and you won't really enjoy it. For many men, this is enough to put them off massagers for life.

Take the time to really consider your decision, and choose something suitable for your own desires and body. Once you know what a p-spot orgasm feels like, you definitely won't regret it!

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