Human Muzzles

Muzzles are used in subduing. Dog muzzles are often used to train young pups or some untrained dogs as they are the ones that get quickly excited and, therefore, need an item that will hold their mouth in check. Also, horses use another kind of muzzle that consists of a more aggressive material of clamp wires to prevent them from biting. As with anything effective, humans find muzzles entertaining and aesthetically pleasing, especially in BDSM.

The sexual allure of a muzzle stems from the need for the master to subdue his sub. The face and head are crowning glory, so when one decorates it with such diversion as a muzzle, serious BDSM enthusiasts will genuinely love this rugged appearance. That is why choosing your best muzzle here in the Human Muzzles collection is going to be fun and satisfying.

Browsing through this selection, you will find different hoods and muzzles. As these are all inspired by the original animal muzzle, you will find that the resemblance in design is uncanny. For BDSM practitioners, this is what makes the muzzle animalistic in appearance.

This set includes muzzles with more manageable parts like a mouth cover and straps to keep it steady on the head. These are great transition tools to more complicated muzzles that impede talking or even breathing. As seasoned BDSM practitioners know, breath play is a sensually satisfying exercise.

This collection features gears with mouth gags for a better choking experience if that is your preference. Moreover, animalistic role-playing is going to be easier with items that resemble a dog. Of course, you can easily attach the chains on the rings at strategic parts of the headgear. So if you are in for some humiliation trip, these products are a great way to go. Studded pieces with intricate buttons carefully decorated on the mask are also another option. These masks give off a playful vibe, perfect when you want to get spanked.

Comfort is subjective, so these pieces give utmost freedom to the user with their adjustable buckles and belts. Each item has its locking system, so even when the play gets rough, these hoods stay in place.

These items are made of different materials, some from latex, others are polyester, but most of these gears are made of good quality PU leather. Exploring other materials as your BDSM accessory is just like grabbing a different sex tool altogether. Materials give you a different kind of sensation as you wear them, and if you are into that, make sure you try out other mediums for variety.

This collection covers the classic black for those who like to keep it chic. But, as you know, colors and visuals are pretty crucial in creating a sultry mood; how about trying out the more vibrant hues of red? This color exudes confidence, it's different, and when it's dark, red makes the scene more sinister, and that is something you should try.

Explore and gather the best skills with tools that are safe and versatile. You only have to browse and realize there is so much you need to experience. Go and shop now!

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