Puppy Play Dog Masks

What's your role in puppy play? Are you the Alpha Hound, the dominant and aggressive one? Or maybe, you prefer to be the Omega Fox—the passive and submissive dog? Or perhaps you are the Beta Canine, the dog that's somewhere in the middle?

Whoever you are in the roleplay, once you set your character, you have to portray your part like you're the real thing. Aside from mimicking dogs' gestures and barks, your costume also plays a vital role in your performance. The more you look like a dog, the more you can feel being one. And if you're looking for sophisticated masks to help you achieve that fierce and beastly look, then you've reached the right track! You will surely find your bet from our Puppy Play Dog Masks collection!

Get your desired headgear from this collection of quality, appealing, and versatile masks. All of them have one goal, and it is to make you live your fantasy to become someone else's pup. Choose from various puppy masks that differ in designs, colors, materials, sizes, and uses.

What's common about all these helmet-like accessories is their figure—they all resemble a hound, a dog, or a puppy—whatever you want to call them. They all have these standing ears, eye windows, and mouth. However, they differ in designs in many ways. The ears vary according to the breed of the dog—a fox, a corgi, a greyhound—name it. The eyes, on the other hand, deviate in the size of the holes. Some have narrow openings, while others are wide open. As for the mouth, you can find some which are detachable while others are fixed. Whatever shapes of the facial features are, you're sure to be looking like an adorable dog with these masks.

Rest assured that you will also get quality facial coverings. They are all made of high-grade materials. Choose black leather masks if you want to get that badass aura. Get the neoprenes, most of which are laminated with spandex, if you prefer the vibrant-colored gears. Or get the latex if you want something stretchy and sexy. You can find silicone- and PVC-based masks here, too!

Most of these products come in just one size, which can accommodate many head sizes. They have adjustment mechanisms at their rear sides like belts, strings, or zippers. Some helmets offer different sizes, too, from small to large ones. You definitely can't go wrong in choosing what will fit your head.

You can use them as a match to your costumes in animal fairs or kinky parades. You can also use it in your everyday sex. But for your information, these masks are made mainly for BDSM—may it be sexual or non-sexual animal roleplays. Pair them with a collar and leash, and play the trainer-puppy game. Complement them with whips and chains, and you can execute the master-slave scene. But whatever the theme of the play is, make sure to know your boundaries. Talk to your partner about how you will do it. Assign safewords to keep it all sane and safe.

Alpha, Beta, or Omega, you will surely stand out once you use one from the Puppy Play Dog Masks collection. Get your mask now!

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