Latex & Rubber Masks

Latex is one of fetishists' apple of the eye when it comes to sex toy materials. Its smell, wet look, and glossiness are just some of its features that BDSM players can't resist. Just by looking at it, you can feel the sexiness and naughtiness of this material. How much more when you touch its super smooth texture?

But to top all these reasons, this material is highly loved because of its elasticity. A small piece of it can stretch wide enough to cover a broad area—the very reason why it is first in line in sex gears like masks and hoods. So if you're a fan of these types of kinky outfits, then you've reached the right page! Take a look at our Latex Masks & Latex Hoods collection and choose one that will mesmerize you. You can find vast choices of masks and hoods from this collection—all made of high-quality latex. They all vary in sizes, shapes, designs, and uses.

Some facial gears come in different sizes, from extra small to double extra-large. However, most come in just one size, too, which can cater to many adult head sizes. They are too tight to fit, but that's the essence of wearing a sex mask—to restrain the facial movements of the submissive.

You can find masks of different figures as well. Many of them mimic animal forms, like bunnies, felines, puppies, and even wild hounds. There are also plain and simple designs for those who prefer a low-key and straightforward look. All these allow easy breathing to the user as they have holes in the mouth area to breathe through. Some come in full head-and-face coverage, while some offer partial concealment of the facial features. Some hide the upper part of the face, while some hide the lower section of the head. You can also get latex hoods, which are open-face masks covering just the hair up to the chin and neck.

Worried that they may fall off during the play? Fret not! Some of these masks have zippers that serve as their locking mechanism. Also, latex alone is high in friction, making these gears clingy to the skin. They are all safe to use as they are BPA- and phthalate-free.

Users may use these head accessories as costumes for parties and fairs. However, all these primarily intend to add kink to couples' naughty plays. You can match these masks with sleeping and body bags, or even straps and harnesses, too. Complementing them with ropes and cuffs will also make your play a little more exciting.

Everything is good, but in moderation, as they say. Playing with restraining tools such as BDSM masks and hoods can be risky. Therefore, it is essential to set the limits of the play. Assign a triggering word, too—or so-called safeword. This word or phrase should prompt the dominant player to stop if the submissive finds the former's action to be overwhelming. By assigning one, it will keep your play safe and fun!

Smell the addicting fragrance of rubber. Experience helplessness and voicelessness as you wear one of our latex masks and hoods. Choose from this collection now!

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