Sexy Bunny Masks

Bunnies are horny. Yes, that is a fact. It is said that rabbits symbolize vitality, fertility, and sexual desire. They are adorable creatures, but they are basically unstoppable in their sexual conquest when they are in the mood. These innocent-faced beings with long ears and whiskers are famous around kinksters because of their naive facade.

Mainstream media often use rabbits as a symbol, too. You see a handful of popstars using bunny ears to make a lasting statement. It's not just for aesthetic purposes; bunnies provoke an unexplainable sultriness.

If you love creating new moods for your next BDSM encounter, you will love browsing our Sexy Bunny Masks Collection. This stunning collection of masks have everything and more, whatever your level in BDSM play is. The collection has impressive options that have a simple yet sensuous vibe. Of course, enthusiasts won't feel left out because we have sensory deprivation hoods that will elevate the experience. The more complicated the mask is, the more time you connect with your inner feral animal!

These pieces are all stand-out gifts to give or to keep for your own. Better give him a show with our white bunny hoods. It's a slight deviation from the standard black option, so this is the perfect way to bait his attention. Of course, black bunny ears are famous, so take your pick here if you are into that. This set has a variety of bunny masks with extensive details and patterns for your liking. There are studded pieces with mesh detail; some feature mouth guards. Still, others are simple with elongated ears and holes on the eyes and mouth. Every fantasy you have with bunny ears is going to come to life!

Materials vary from latex to leather. Latex is popular because of its incredible durability and stretchability. The confinement of having a latex mask over the face can be liberating to those who have a latex fetish. Leather, on the other hand, is an excellent option for those who are allergic to latex. It has this elegant and smooth surface that will look magnificent with whatever kinky costume you have in your closet.

Creating a mood is a must in BDSM practice. It's that kind of escape that will make the encounter more memorable. Any of these masks will transform you from being an ordinary kinkster to a submissive hare ready to be humiliated and summoned as your Master wants it. These are stretchable and adjustable pieces for a better fit. With this on, you can relish being a slave for the duration of your role-playing.

Masks are a doorway to be anyone you want to be. They are exquisite creations that instantly make you the star of any show. Wear one casually at your next party and be the showstopper that you are. Then, be the seductress in your sex dungeon with nothing but this on. Every bit of a masterpiece, you will enjoy browsing on your options here in this collection. Enjoy and happy shopping!

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