Constipation: Can Sex Toys Help?

The morning greets you with a rock and roll in your stomach. Maybe it’s all that fast food you devoured yesterday after a night out. Or the fact that you spent the last few days in bed, bingeing your favorite shows.

We’ve all experienced constipation. It’s one of the most frequent digestive problems and for most people, an acute one that goes away quickly. Although it’s not a life-threatening condition, once it’s out, a day gets that much brighter. But if it happens more often or turns into a chronic condition, it can be a real pain in your bottom in the most literal way.

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Best Sex Toys for Couples

When you’re in a relationship, sex devices can often be a bit of a difficult subject. You might worry that if you suggest buying a sex toy that your partner will feel inferior, or even that you should hide your toys from them.

Picking up a sex toy that gives both of you extra pleasure can be a great way to bridge the gap, and start bringing some of your fantasies to life. So why not try some of our best sex toys for couples today!

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When Should You Douche Before Sex?

The main reason for many of us to use an anal douche is to get our butts clean and empty before we start putting other objects inside them. Is this something we need to do every single day though? Only before we have sex? Even less?

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Liquids for Anal Douching

When you decide to try anal douching, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is which liquid you plan to use. There are many different ones to choose from, and while many people will stick to plain old water, you’ll find all kinds of people who are passionate about their chosen liquid.

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How Often Should You Anal Douche?

There’s a common question about anal douching that it’s hard to find a clear answer on: how often should you do it? It’s a difficult thing to properly answer, and even amongst doctors and the medical community you can find many different answers to the one simple question.

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