Best Sex Toys for Couples

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When you’re in a relationship, sex devices can often be a bit of a difficult subject. You might worry that if you suggest buying a sex toy that your partner will feel inferior, or even that you should hide your toys from them.

Picking up a sex toy that gives both of you extra pleasure can be a great way to bridge the gap, and start bringing some of your fantasies to life. So why not try some of our best sex toys for couples today!


While not hugely different in use than a normal dildo, strapons are probably the quintessential couples toy. Depending on which kind of harness you use, and who you’re having sex with, you can each wear the strapon. Men can put it above or below their penis to penetrate a woman’s anus and vagina at the same time. Women meanwhile, can use a strapon to be the one in the dominant position!

Nipple Clamps

If you’re not quite ready to dive into double or anal penetration, then you could try nipple clamps instead. These are some of the simplest and least intimidating sex toys a couple can bring into a bedroom. You can both wear them, or have a set each, and carry on with your normal sex life. The clamps themselves will add extra pleasure to almost anything you normally do!

Sex Swings and Furniture

A sex swing often sounds like a dark fantasy only to be found somewhere in a dungeon. This couldn’t be further from the truth though, and swings are more accessible than ever. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, or don’t want to make alterations to your house, there are still swings you can use. These also have the added bonus of taking a lot of pressure off your bodies, so they can be great if your injured or disabled.

You can even pick up furniture specifically designed to be used when having sex! The most common of these are sex wedges, which help you place your body in a more comfortable position than simply lying on a bed. The sky is the limit though, and some people build their own custom furniture specifically to meet their own needs.

Anal Hooks

If you’re looking to try something a little on the kinkier side, then anal hooks might be a great place to start. You can use them with some simple bondage at first, and gradually up the ante until you’re a full blow shibari master. Combine them with whips, blindfolds, and nipple clamps for a completely titillating time.

Electro-Stimulation Toys

As you become more experienced with sex toys, there will be more and more fantasies you can explore. Eventually though, you might feel like you’ve done it all, and can’t find anything new or exciting to try.

If you reach this point, then electrostimulation might be just the buzz you’ve been looking for! These toys all come with attachments which allow them to be used with a tens machine. This machine can provide small electric shocks to whichever body part you desire.

Whether you’re just looking for the new sensations these toys provide, or interested in a little domination, they’re sure to provide the kick you want.

Cock Rings

Cock Rings are one of the simplest sex toys a couple can try. These devices are small rings that you place at the base of your man’s penis. By wearing one, the blood flow within is restricted, so he can maintain an erection for longer. This can be particularly helpful if you suffer from any kind of erectile dysfunction.

Another bonus from wearing a cock ring is that the penis will usually feel firmer, and may even be slightly larger. The extra pressure from the blood being held inside it can add extra girth, length, and make everything much more sensitive!

Cock Cages

Cock Cages are a unique sex toy for a couple to explore. The cage is worn to prevent a man’s penis getting erect, leaving you more and more desperate to reach orgasm. When you finally do, it’ll feel so much better than normal.

Another aspect of cages is the role reversal you can experience. Your partner can take hold of the keys for your cage, and only when they decide to unlock it will you get your sweet release. You better be on your best behaviour if you want them to let you out!

Clone-A-Willy Kits

Of course, we aren’t all looking to get creative and kinky with our sex toys. Some couples simply want something fun they can share together. A Clone-A-Willy kit is exactly what it sounds like, and give you and your partner something fun to do while you create your own sex toy.

As the dildo you create will be a mould of your partner’s actual penis, there’s also little chance of him experiencing penis envy from your new toy. And if you feel like getting a little extra from your kit, you can put a vibrator in them too!

Standard Sex Toys

We’ve only discussed toys more specifically aimed at couples here, but you can still use almost any sex toy together if you want to. So don’t be afraid to explore and experiment together and take your sex lives to the next level!

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