Turtle Pleasure Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

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Purchasing your first sex toy may sometimes be a little bit overwhelming and sometimes, confusing. There is a LOT of great buys available out there and choosing the best toy to suit your taste is crucial.

Give our Turtle Pleasure Remote Control Ben Wa Balls a try! You will enjoy unbelievable pleasures and achieve health benefits that will surely amaze you.

This variant is made of premium quality silicone to make sure you get the best experience out of this toy. Silicone is nonporous and hypoallergenic so it is safe to use even in the most sensitive areas of your body.

This model is also waterproof so you can have the best kinky time in the shower if that's your vibe.

Ben Wa balls are unique sex toys as they offer a way for you to optimize your kegel exercises. You can slide this toy inside the vagina and use them as added weights to make the kegel maneuver a little harder. As these balls press against the vaginal walls, you have to squeeze them in to prevent the toy from sliding out. In doing so, you are contracting the pelvic floor muscles and making them stronger.

A well-toned pelvic floor muscle is important if you want to maintain the vagina’s elasticity. Long term use can even improve bladder control!

You can start your Ben Wa ball experience by making sure that you wash both your hands and the toy itself before using it. Be very generous with lube to make sure that insertion inside the vagina is easier. Breathe in as you slide the toy inside using your finger, you will instantly feel that lusty heaviness caress your sweet spots like never before.

Choose the best toy to play with, grab our Turtle Pleasure Remote Control Ben Wa Balls now!

Color Pink, Rose red, Purple
Type Vibrating Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length: Ben Wa Ball- 4.7 inches, Remote Control- 3.3 inches
Width: Small ball- 1.2 inches, Big Ball-1.6 inches Remote Control- 4 inches