Clitoris Stimulating Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

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Satisfy your curiosity and try out our erotic toys which bring a lot of benefits for your overall health and fitness. Come and experience breathtaking and amazing sex with our vibrating Ben Wa Balls.

Take a look at our Clitoris Stimulating Remote Control Ben Wa Balls, a toy that will surely hit the elusive G-spot. This magnificent pair is made of high-quality BPA-free silicone and ABS. They are guaranteed to provide you a safe experience while using the toy. This delightful duo comes in five feminine colors of pink, rose, purple, rose pink, and dark purple.

Start off with the vibrating Ben Wa Ball that is shaped like an infinity sign. This also symbolizes endless pleasure for you and your lover in the days to come. This has a silver-plated accent design to make it more classy and luxurious. Plug-in this vibrator to any USB port, such as your laptop, power bank, or car charger to get it going. After using the vibrator, pull it out easily with its looped silver handle.

Direct the actions of your vibrating Ben Wa Ball with the remote control included in the package. This is carrot-shaped with an ergonomic structure that fits wonderfully in your hand. Tickle your nipples, breasts, vagina, or clitoris with its unique dotted end with the vibrator’s ten different frequencies. It is quite mute operating up to a maximum of 50 decibels only. Same with the vibrator, this is also powered via USB with a very efficient battery that you can use for 2 hours. Play with your partner and let him control the vibrator even from 10 meters away!

With so many features, these Clitoris Stimulating Remote Control Ben Wa Balls are an outstanding addition to your sex toy collection.

Color Pink, Rose, Purple, Rose Pink, Dark Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone, ABS
Dimensions (in.)


3.96 inches (vibrator)

3.52 inches (remote control)


1.39 inches (vibrator)

1.47 inches (remote control)