Single Motor Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

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Do you wish to intensify your sexual relationship with your lover? If your relationship has been going on for a few years, you have probably felt the inevitable “dry spell”. Want to get out of it? Well, try one of our Ben Wa Balls which can enhance your sex life and tone your pelvic muscles as well.

Get to meet our Single Motor Remote Control Ben Wa Balls that will definitely knock your socks off. You can choose from two colors: classic black and elegant purple. This amazing set is made of medical-grade Silicone and ABS materials, which is ideal for sex toys. Your safety is our utmost priority so we assure you that your body will not come in contact with carcinogenic chemicals.

This ergonomically-shaped Ben Wa Ball is the first item in this set. This perfectly fits your hand with its ridges, a gold-tip on one end, and a dotted texture on the other end. This unique texture will produce exciting sensations along your vaginal walls. The vibrating Ben Wa Ball can be charged via its convenient USB port. Charge the remote by connecting it to your laptop, car charger, or power bank. Plus, this vibrator also has a handle with a golden end for you to pull on once you are done playing with it.

The second item in the set is the remote control which is shaped like a computer mouse. Similar to the vibrator, it also has golden edges for a nice, elegant touch to the controller. The remote control has three buttons, one is for power, a plus, and minus switch to use for controlling the vibrator’s actions. This is powered by one CR-2032 button battery which is easy to replace when you run out because you just need to go to the nearest store and buy new ones.

Be on your way to a more fit and toned vagina by purchasing our Single Motor Remote Control Ben Wa Balls today

Color Black, Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Medical Grade Silicone, ABS
Dimensions (in.)


3.3 inches (Ben Wa Ball)

3.1 inches (String)

2.4 inches (Remote Control)