Ribbed Golden Bunny Tail Butt Plug 5.7 Inches Long

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This Ribbed Golden Bunny Tail Butt Plug 5.7 Inches Long will tickle your butt cheeks as it fills your ass! Push every ripple of the plug into your tushie for intense and one-of-a-kind anal pleasure. Use the round, flared base to insert or retrieve the anal toy from your ass.

You can also leave it there during your pet play session with your lover. This allows you to use your hands and explore every part of your body as you tease him/her — no need to worry about the consequences of using anal sex toys. You can focus on seducing your partner and even pleasuring yourself.

When the entire tail plug is shoved up your ass, you will be treated with a fluffy bunny tail against your butt cheeks. You will love the sensation brought by this tailpiece as it brushes against your bum; thus, stimulating your sex drive.

You will also be turned into a cute yet seductive rabbit that your significant other won't resist. The smooth metal with a tapered end will slide easily into your anus. The only thing you will feel is the friction brought by this perfectly shaped Golden Ribbed Bunny Tail Plug.

The weight of the tail plug also adds pleasure to your sex play. It will reawaken and enhance your sensuality, as well as produce a greater sense of fullness. The temperature-adaptive steel can also be cooled down or heated up in the water for marvelous sex play. It is also non-porous and phthalate-free, allowing you to use your favourite lube whatever type it is.

The best part? It is easy to clean! Just immerse the metal part of the plug into warm water with mild soap, and you're done.

So, hop your way into your lover's lap while wearing this Ribbed Golden Bunny Tail Butt Plug. Your roleplay nights will never be this exciting!
Color White, Black, Magenta, Pink
Type Tail Plug

Handle: Synthetic Fur

Plug: Metal



handle: 2.36 in

plug: 3.15 in.


handle: 2.76 in.

plug: N/A