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Realistic Brown Dog Tail Butt Plug 16 to 17 Inches Long


Are you into roleplay? Be a submissive and act like a puppy dog that comes at your lover’s every beck and call. Give in to whatever he wishes and desires. Wag your tail by wearing one of our realistic dog tail plugs!

Our Realistic Brown Dog Tail Butt Plug 16 to 17 Inches Long is available in three different sizes of butt plugs, namely: small, medium, and large. Whether you are just starting out in anal play, or have some previous anal experience, or you are already a butt plug expert, choose from the sizes that will snugly fit your bum hole.

Teardrop-shaped with a slim neck and smooth texture makes for a hassle-free insertion into your bum. This plug is made of high-quality stainless steel for temperature play. Submerge the plug into hot water if you want to use it warm. You can also use it cold by putting the plug in your fridge for a few minutes. It all depends on your mood and preference. In addition, our butt plug also has a flared bottom to ensure safety and assurance that your plug will not get lost inside your bum. Moreover, our butt plugs also have different weights to bring in an added pleasure and sensation to your bottom.

Our plug is also made of the finest-quality synthetic fur to make the dog tail look very realistic. It surely resembles a dog tail because of its color and length of 17 inches. Clean the tail as you would your own hair. It needs to be cleaned, washed, and combed regularly to maintain its condition as if it’s the first day you bought them.

Role-play and imitate your favorite doggy character by purchasing our Realistic Brown Dog Tail Butt Plug 16 to 17 Inches Long today!


Handle: Combination of Yellowish Brown, Black, White Colors

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Synthetic Fur

Plug: Stainless Steel



handle: 13.78 inches

plug: 2.72 inches (Small) 3.15 inches (Medium) 3.58 inches (Large)


handle: no width available

plug: 1.06 inches (Small) 1.30 inches (Medium) 1.61 inches (Large)