Leopard Print Hanging Sex Swing
Leopard Print Hanging Sex Swing
Leopard Print Hanging Sex Swing
Leopard Print Hanging Sex Swing
Leopard Print Hanging Sex Swing

Want it raunchy, exhilarating, and heart-pounding? Then don't stick with the usual and the common. Combine swinging and sex and be an expert in sex positions with so much ease. The Leopard Print Hanging Sex Swing will surely elevate your sexual enjoyment, given its versatility and superior comfort.

Made of durable nylon and padded with thick, soft, and plush leopard print material, this swing will give you luxurious comfort without breaking the bank. Swing with thrill and comfort as it has two main straps to support your back and your hips. The set comes with two heavy-duty carabiner clips, which you will need for easy installation. As it has two mounting points, it's safe and stable. You can easily set it up on a sex swing stand in just a couple of minutes. But if you prefer it hanging from the ceiling, install sturdy eye-hooks and get some durable chains if you like for adjustments.

This remarkably durable swing can carry a maximum load of 300 lbs, which means anyone of a heavy built can enjoy a wild ride. And if you fancy a reverse cowgirl position up in the air, this will support a couple's weight. So swing with your lover while you pump on him sitting on his lap. You can add handles, stirrups, and a headrest for more comfort and versatility.

Get wild and free up in the air because that's what a leopard would do when given the opportunity. So don't hold back and soar in bliss as you savor deeper, more powerful orgasms. Be the star of your sexy circus show and flex and bend with ease as you discover more exciting sex positions.

Find the best height by adjusting the straps, and you're well on your way to having the best sex swinging experience in your life. Grab yours now!

Color Leopard Print and Black
Material Nylon
Plush Material
Dimensions (inches)
Length 70.89 inches (Adjustable)
Width 3.94 inches
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity 300 lbs


Leopard Print Hanging Sex Swing

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