Portable PU Leather Sex Sling
Portable PU Leather Sex Sling
Portable PU Leather Sex Sling
Portable PU Leather Sex Sling
Portable PU Leather Sex Sling

Congratulations! You've finally found a sex position that's so satisfying. A position where your partner can hit your G-spot, activating your wild side. You feel your pussy salivate like crazy, and your muscles begin to tighten. This is it… you're close to cumming.

But then, your legs betrayed you, and before you know it, you're having cramps! Does this scenario happen to you often? It's frustrating, but if what I'll say will make you feel better, I assure you that it also happens to almost everyone. The most thrilling sex positions aren't always the most comfortable. Don't lose hope yet. While you can't be a contortionist in a matter of minutes, you can always turn things around. Fight for that sweet spot with the Portable PU Leather Sex Sling.

If your wildest sex fantasy involves a touch of BDSM, then you're in sheer luck. This accessory looks sleek in its all-black, leathery goodness. It's meant to spread your legs like a butterfly getting ready to take flight. The harness extends up to your nape, wrapping you securely and ensuring you get all the support you need. These straps make it easy for you to open wide and welcome your partner in the perfect position to reach all your erogenous crevices. It is fully adjustable, allowing penetration at angles where you'll get the most pleasure. The leg slings and the headrest are generously padded not only for your comfort but for your safety as well.

Put on your trusty gag and your favorite blindfold, and invite your lover to rock your world. You can even let him lift you in that very same position if you want to be more physical. The possibilities are endless!

May you never get to be defeated by your favorite sex position ever again. Add the Portable PU Leather Sex Sling to your purchase today!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimensions (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: N/A

Portable PU Leather Sex Sling

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