Multifunctional Outdoor Sex Hammock

Indoors or outdoors, for you, it doesn't matter where it's done because sex doesn't have to be limited to the bedroom. And if you're outdoorsy, the Multifunctional Outdoor Sex Hammock will complete your camping trips with your honey.

It's an extra-wide hammock that has a maximum load capacity of 150 kgs. This means you and your partner can swing together in it for some sweet slumber or steamy sex. Hang it on tree trunks with ease because it's complete with heavy-duty carabiners and sturdy ropes. Easy and quick to install, you'll have more time for fun and pleasure. Of course, you can always have it on your balcony for your kids to nap in. Come night time, you and your spouse can get wild and transform it into a sex swing.

With so much space in it, you won't be needing a headrest or back support. This multifunctional hammock is lightweight yet durable. You shouldn't worry about falling or getting injured. It comes with a bag for easy storage and convenient transport.

Carve out some time with your partner and spend it in the woods. You'll have a great time swinging back and forth while canoodling and fucking, of course. We bet your camping will be much more exciting than it used to be.

Made of 210T Nylon woven cloth, it's superior in quality, and it's comfortable. Expect durability because it's the same material used to make parachutes.

Enjoy a rollicking great time in the woods, at the beach, in the park, or at home. You really can't go wrong with an unbelievably versatile hammock. It will only take a few minutes to set it up, so it's much better than taking a tent with you during camping, especially when the weather is peachy.

Spice up your sex life and discover new positions for more blissful endings. Buy yours now! 


Color Orange and Gray
Material 210T Nylon woven cloth
Dimensions (inches)
Length: NA
Width: NA
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 150 kg


Multifunctional Outdoor Sex Hammock

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