Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug 18 to 19 Inches


Fulfill your sexual fantasies with this Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug 18 to 19 Inches. Luxe, soft, and fluffy, it will gracefully drape over your shapely, flawless thighs.

Your furry-loving partner will be enthralled as he sees you sashaying with this thick, luscious tail. Make sultry moves by swaying your hips to make your tail come to life, pleasing your partner even more. Or why not complete the ensemble by putting on animal ears, a leash, and a collar if your partner loves pet play? It will be exhilarating and heart-pounding, won't it?

The Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug is offered in three sizes of metal plugs: small, medium, and large. Whatever your level of experience is, there's definitely one that suits your needs. As it is made of metal, you can certainly enjoy temperature play with your tail plug.

The metal plug is hard and heavy, making it deliciously challenging to insert and keep it. With its cone-shaped design, it will keep the tail in place even when your master gently tugs it. Remind your playmate once in a while, not to pull too hard when he gets excited as doing so can harm your bum. Also, it won't be fun for the tail to be pulled off in the middle of your play.

A wolf is fierce, free-spirited, and strong; it embodies supremacy, but when tamed, it becomes loyal to its master. Be like a wolf. Captivate your hunter first with your irresistible allure and wildness. Once he has captured you, be the obedient pet he wants you to be.

Being such a nice pet with a beautiful tail, I bet you'll get what you deserve--an orgasm after orgasm!

If you want to surprise your partner and do something totally different from your boring, routine sexual intercourse, wear a tail, one that looks real, like our Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug. Buy one now!

Color Gray (tail), silver (plug)

Handle:  Synthetic Fox Tail

Plug:  Metal



Handle:   15.7”

Plug:  Small: 2.95”, Medium: 3.35”, Large: 3.74”


Handle: N/A

Plug:  Small: 1.10”, Medium: 1.37”, Large: 1.61”