Gray Fox Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long


Are you searching for something that can make your sex life even more blissful? Well, if you up for a wild and daring ride, say hello to the Gray Fox Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long.

When it comes to the amazing sex toy, it doesn't matter whether you are new to the world of butt plugs or if you have used this piece of sex toy in the past. Regardless of all that, one thing is guaranteed here, and that's to give you more pleasure during your sexcapades!

The Gray Fox Tail Butt Plug 16 inches long is made from two materials - faux fur for the handle and stainless steel for the plug. As the name suggests, the tail or handle comes in gray, and the plug is available in pink, black, and silver.

For those who are wondering if the Gray Fox Tail Butt Plug is safe to use, it's a resounding "yes". As it is made from high-quality stainless steel, it's body-safe and non-porous!

Tail plugs have been designed to be used in sex play, and with the Gray Fox Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long, you can use it alone or during sexy times with a partner. Whenever and wherever you choose to use this, you will feel more intense pleasures and sensations.

To ensure that you are able to maximize all these benefits, you need to prepare yourself before you insert the tail plug. Make sure you have a good lubricant with you. Slather the plug with the lubricant and apply a copious amount. Since the tail plug you have is stainless steel, it can work with any lubricant. This helps make the insertion process simpler and smoother!

Once you are ready, try to relax and enjoy the ride!

Color Silver and Gray
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Faux Fur
Plug: Stainless Steel


handle: 13.78 in
plug: 2.60 in


handle: N/A
plug: 1.10 in