Gradual Dilation Metallic Rectal Beads
Gradual Dilation Metallic Rectal Beads
Gradual Dilation Metallic Rectal Beads
Gradual Dilation Metallic Rectal Beads

 Being enticed with the appearance of a sex toy is not enough reason for you to buy it. You have to be well-researched on the products that you're collecting before purchasing it. Each intimacy toy made has its purpose.

Take the Gradual Dilation Metallic Rectal Beads as an example. This tool may be attractive because of its shiny finish, glamour, and intricate looks, but this is not for everyone.

Metal-hard devices intend to gratify those who are professionals in the field of adult materials. The material used in this product is high-quality stainless steel, polished to perfection, to give it a mirror-like glossiness. This slick texture ensures easy and painless insertion to the users' butthole.

One other reason is to ensure that the anus’ inside walls are safe against harsh scratches and damages. Lastly, this product has four gradually-increasing beads along the member to dilate the sphincters as it goes deeper. Each bead brings a stepped-up sensation every time it knocks against your butt linings.

To use it, make sure to apply a generous amount of water-soluble lubricant onto the surface of the toy, and into the asshole by fingering plenty of greases. Slowly insert the first pawn bead, followed by the second one, until you reach the last and the 'queen' bead.

Push it in and out of your asshole, thrust it like you're opening a doorknob, and pushing its slab made of black ironwood. Feel it entering your anus with its beads punching and thumping against the inside walls and linings.

When you feel cumming, release your orgasm the same time you pull the beads out of your butt - that'll be the most delightful sensation you will ever experience in your entire life!

After the fireworks and climax, clean the toy with mild soap and water, rubbing all the ridges and ribs. Disinfect it with an alcohol-damped cloth, then completely dry it. Place it on your sex toys bag after to be able to reuse it for the next time.

Be knowledgeable in choosing your sex toys. Get this one now and add this to your cart!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Total Length: 5.19 inches (13 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: 1.57 inches (4cm)
Beads: N/A


Gradual Dilation Metallic Rectal Beads

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