Beginner-friendly Food Grade Silicone Beads
Beginner-friendly Food Grade Silicone Beads
Beginner-friendly Food Grade Silicone Beads
Beginner-friendly Food Grade Silicone Beads

Anal sex is still a taboo for some because of anodyspareunia, or pain during anal penetration. But the truth is that it only takes three things to enjoy: preparation, practice, and the right pleasure products.

Anyway, all experts are once beginners, too. If you're thinking of fondling your butthole the first time, the Beginner-Friendly Food Grade Silicone Beads is here for you.

Featuring ten graduated beads, this sexual aid made of food-grade silicone will not bring any trauma to your ass. It's soft, so you can give the balls a little squeeze when trying to insert them.

Once inside, it will take its standard shape, filling and stimulating the nerves of your rectal walls simultaneously. The smooth and sleek appearance of this device attracts you to try it on. The beads' texture is designed to arouse your sexual desire as you pull them out one by one.

At the end of the faux string is an oversized ring that you can hold with two fingers for easy access. It comes in a vibrant shade of purple, a color often associated with richness, royalty, and sensuality.

Since it's your first time to explore the erogenous zone of your butt, it is preferable to couple these anal beads with a clitoral vibrator to help you relax. The anus is a self-lubricating area, but only enough for defecation. So be sure to use lots of lubes for an optimum experience.

Inserting the beads will give your backside a gentle massage, but the real deal here lies within their removal. Of course, you must wait for that perfect release —that is, during or before an orgasm. That's when the nerves on your genital areas are super sensitive, so make sure you enjoy the process by slowly tugging the beads from your ass. Trust us, after this sex toy is done with you, you won't have it any other way—figuratively and literally.

Take the plunge and dive bum first with the Beginner-Friendly Food Grade Silicone Beads. You won't regret this purchase.

Color Purple
Material Silicone
Total Length: 11.22 inches (28.5 cm)
Insertable Length: N/A
Handle: 1.38 inches (3.5 cm)
Beads: 0.28 inch (0.7 cm), 0.98 inch (2.5 cm)

Beginner-friendly Food Grade Silicone Beads

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