Elephant-inspired Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

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We get inspired by the things that surround us. In all things that we do, we always have our special preference that may seem different to some. In choosing a sex toy, other girls like to play with adorable merchandise because they take pleasure in playing around with nice stuff. Our Elephant-inspired Remote Control Ben Wa Balls is a great gift idea to anyone who wants adorable and kinky things all at the same time.

This toy is made with premium silicone, a great material that is known for its durable but at the same time very bendable properties. It is nonporous and hypoallergenic so it is safe to use even in the most sensitive areas of the body. This variant also has a separate remote control. It allows you to adjust the level of sensations you want to have without disturbing your sensual playing.

A great way to enjoy this adorable toy is by incorporating this into your kegel practice. Slide this inside the twat and hold it in for a period of time. This action will activate the pelvic floor muscle to maintain body functions such as proper posture and breathing.

Long term practice of Kegel maneuver improves the sexual experience by making the vagina extra sensitive to stimuli. What this means is that you will feel all the thrust, all the caress and attention your lover gives you during sex.

As you perform this exercise, you will be toning your vaginal muscles and a well-toned vag is a tight vag. Forget expensive laser treatments, with this amazing toy, you will enjoy a younger pussy in the most natural way possible.

So grab our Elephant-inspired Remote Control Ben Wa Balls now. It is the perfect gift to give yourself or your partner!

Color Light Pink
Type Vibrating Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length: Ben Wa ball + Tail- 8.3 inches, Tail-4.6 inches, Remote Control-2.6 inches
Width: Ben Wa Ball-3.5 inches, Remote Control- 1.8 inches