Cute Black Silicone Bunny Tail Butt Plug


Our Cute Black Silicone Bunny Tail Butt Plug features an ergonomic design. It has a smooth tapered end with a flared base. The sleek and seamless narrow tip of the plug provides easy penetration. Once inserted, it reaches your sphincter, giving you mind-blowing anal pleasure.

The round base - on the other hand - keeps the tail plug in place. It prevents the toy from getting inserted fully into your ass. That way, you can do more positions and acts and focus on sexual pleasure given by your partner. It also makes the retrieval process easy. Just hold the base, then pull the plug out to take it off.

But the main attraction of this butt plug is the tail, of course! The tailpiece is made from synthetic fur. This material is as soft and as fluffy as the real ones. Thus, your lover will not be able to resist holding it while inserted into your sexy back! It can also reawaken your sensuality as it brushes against your butt cheeks.

This charming tail plug is made from premium silicone. This material is soft and flexible, making it easier to bend - even with this thing on. That is why this tail plug is the perfect anal toy for those who want to explore the world of pet play for the first time.

Our Cute Black Silicone Bunny Tail Butt Plug is available in an array of colours. Choose a shade of tail plug that will catch your partner's attention. You cannot say no to these vibrant colours.

All this and more are what you can get from this Cute Black Silicone Bunny Tail Butt Plug! Your intimate and playful moments with your partner will never be this fun and pleasing.

Color Red, Pink, Purple
Type Tail Plug

Handle: Synthetic Fur

Plug: Silicone



handle: N/A

plug: N/A


handle: N/A

plug: N/A